The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
A Strike from My Mind
Monday, April 19, 2010
I’m bound by blood…not yours but mine
I strangled on my own breath
I’ve found myself in another bind
I can’t cry, I can’t scream
I have to be strong
I have to do everything right, I can’t do wrong
I find shelter in this hollow place, this place I call home
The place I should love, the place where I’m alone
I retreat to my own room, I find my old familiar friend
I know it will never leave me; it’ll be there till the end
The crimson stained metal, with so many stories to tell
Of how we came to meet, how it release me from my cell
How it slowly slides across my wrist
How it make me smiles
I know this isn’t right, I know I shouldn’t
But I need relief for awhile, with this one last slice
Going deeper with this old knife
I smile as I lie on the old hardwood floor
With my delicate skin torn

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