The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
To avoid getting wet as the wind blows the rain,
I'm watching you from my shelter
My love for you overflows but
I wonder why...

Is it alright for me to love you? Is it alright if I hold you?
It seems I'm going to drown in these drops of uncertainty
I'm wasting away and I can't forgive myself for that
I wonder why...

Yeah, listen now:
Always an early riser, bathe in the morning sun, time for your coffee
Hater, you haters, every story of mine is always a matter, now no doubts
You don't even know what you did wrong, so how is there a way to stop
The personal things so maybe I can finally get this one

Relations, related to,
Rewind it to reload it
This heart, opened up and naked to fix this regret
So that we can make it happen in the future again
I'm supposed to nourish you but I can't even see our memory

When we met, my girl
I knew it would be like this
Do you feel me?
I've been searching only for you

I can't even breathe in my world
Words just become tears
Do you feel me?
The sound of the rain falling touches my heart

I want to always make you smile but
I've made you hang your head, I'm sorry
But keep waiting for me,
Don't give up on love, stay here with me
I need your love...

My dear baby,
Listen to this song
I'm gonna make some desperate first call
The fear I've torn up, oh no, waiting for so long
Hold on, it belongs to no one, you didn't discover your loved one
Win or lose, there's no freakin' loving one, that's just-a-ah

I need your love, I'm bleeding,
No, time goes so fast, I didn't know
Just hold my hand, don't forget me, just forgive me, how hard of me,
You know it all means: so stay with me
I'm sorry girl, one day we'll finally make our love beautiful

If you just stretch out your hand, my girl
I believe you'll be able to understand more
Do you feel me?
Even if it leaves scars

Wherever you are, that place is my world
If you open the door once more
Do you feel me?
I want to feel your sound

Oh goddamn,
So baby, time will tell
We go around, we're recognizing, right
Only time will tell if our love will go on
No apologies, I gotta be mean
Maybe in time we'll know this life depends on love
Memories of you and I, don't compare
Maybe in time we'll know this life depends on love
So, baby time will tell, wonder why...

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