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Do you remember?
Sunday, August 1, 2010
I love this so much..the memories are coming back
DBSK will come back
this letter is so touchin
DBSK we Love you ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jung Yunho,
Do you remember when Jaejoong sang 'I want to be your bed..' to you on a variety show?
Do you remember Park Yoochun? The boy who used to appear on variety shows with you, and once 'stole' away the girl you liked?
Do you remember Kim Junsu? The boy who'd take you home with him during your trainee days, and who had a relationship with you closer than that of blood-related brothers?
Do you remember in Couple Talk, when Changmin said you were the reason that Dong Bang Shin Ki is as successful as it is?

Kim Jaejoong,
Do you remember that variety show in Japan, where you hurriedly thrusted a biscuit at Yunho after eating food so spicy that even you had difficulty swallowing?
Do you remember in that Q&A session where you and Yoochun both said that you were the first to cry at the award ceremony, but all other members picked Chun?
Do you remember that concert, where you pushed Junsu around the stage on his wheelchair?
Do you remember when you first debuted, when you stole Changmin's pajamas so you could appear more friendly to the fans?
Park Yoochun,
Do you remember being on X-man at 15, when you were embarrassed and awkward, and Yunho, who was on the other team, kept sneaking over to pat your shoulder?
Do you remember your hyung Jaejoong's aegyo?
Do you remember Kim Junsu, the boy who didn't like you at first, but went on to write songs with you as years passed by?
Do you remember Shim Changmin, the boy who never cried nearly as much as you, but couldn't hold back his tears at the award ceremony?

Kim Junsu,
Do you remember how Yunho spontaneously decided to change the lyrics to 'My heart is filled with Junsu'?
Do you remember how Jaejoong said that your heart is like the ocean and your eyes are like a lake?
Do you remember how you said "I want to become Yoochun so I can find out whether or not my big forehead will get cold?"
Do you remember how you said that Changmin eats more when he has a good appetitie, when he is sick, when he's happy and when he's unhappy?

Shim Changmin,
Do you remember how you bent your knee slightly during an interview so that Jung Yunho would appear taller?
Do you remember how you said that the present you wanted most was for Jaejoong's leg to heal as soon as possible?
Do you remember Park Yoochun, the boy who never stops crying, but held tightly on to you when you cried?
Do you remember Kim Junsu, the hyung who you'd annoy the daylights out of just so you could play football together?

Dong Bang Shin Ki,
Do you remember?
Jung Yunho who said that the greatest event in his life was meeting his 4 other members.
Kim Jaejoong who said that the reason that your friendship is stronger than anyone else's is because you breathe, speak, eat and sleep in the same room…
Park Yoochun who said that you will be together for the 2nd album, the 20th album, the 200th and the 2000th..
Kim Junsu who said that he would leave if any other member left.
Shim Changmin who said that Dong Bang Shin Ki can only exist when the five are together.

Do you remember?
Who is it that shouted 'I love you, Cassiopeia!' after delivering a speech at an award ceremony?
Who is it that said 'Stay with us forever Cassiopeia, in 20 years time, come and support us along with your children, it's a promise!'
Who is it that said 'I want to sing, I have to sing, I have to sing till the day that I die' even as his voice was changing?
Who is it, that despite the ill-treatment he received during a signing event, smiled brightly at the fans as he thanked them, and told the crying fans not to cry?

This part of the past is ours and nobody can take away these memories.
We will not forget, we will never forget.

For so long, you've worked so hard to be the Dong Bang Shin Ki that Cassiopeia can be proud of,
and we, Cassiopeia, have become your motivation.
All separation and suffering is temporary because we believe we will reunite.
We have not given up because you have not either.
We will wait, and our driving force are our memories.

Those who leave will come home one day because you are completely unique.
Those who are waiting will continue waiting, because there is no one in the world more deserving of our love.
Let's promise one another this: As long as you keep singing and dancing, and pursuing your dream, we will continue to be your red ocean.
Remember your promise. 20 years from now, when you release your 2000th album, we will be together, forever and ever.
Until the day when we grow old and you hold yet another concert, we will sing 'Forever Love' and 'Miduhyo' together, and as we part, we will have smiles upon our faces.
Promise us that you'll live well.

Always Keep the Faith.

Credits: 楓愛豆包@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

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