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p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
if this is my last day...
Sunday, August 15, 2010
I would write a note to everybody I’ve known in my whole entire life,telling them about how much they’ve made my life worth living.
I would want my family to have a proper goodbye so they would never ever feel like they’ve never had a chance to express how much they love me (as much as my sisters would deny it now)
I would make sure to stick a Post-It on the fridge reminding Mom and Syakira to feed squirrel. They’d definitely do it,it is after all a dead guy’s wish (:
I would read the Al-Quran, the first book I’ve known which would be the last book I’ll ever read.
I would set up a tent with blankets and gaze upon the artificial stars in my room.
I would eat all the ice cream I can eat.
I would watch TV.

I would set up again my laptop password ant tell my Mom bout it.

I would told every story with Ummul, Anis and Afnee.
I would laugh my pants off with Cassiopeia over the stupidest things we can come up with,for say, poop.
Oh speaking of which , find Shim Changmin a new girlfriend-preferably not prettier than me otherwise I’d just be the ‘dead ugly what’s-her-name-again who used to date Max’. (OKAY CHANGMIN IF YOU’RE READING THIS I’M JOKING)
I would sign off my organs to the hospital.
I would also like to claim the mp3 from my parents.
I would burn every single piece of memento people have of me.
I would forgive everyone in my past.
I would want to confirm all the plans for my funeral (fearing that my parents would make it dark and gloomy and sad).
I would write my final goodbye on Blogspot and Facebooks.
I would watch cartoons on my deathbed.
At my final breath, I would reflect upon how I’ve lived my life and be just as proud regardless of the countless failures and the numerous times I cursed upon life itself ,and ever grateful knowing that every second of my life has been blessed with the people around me.
Train of thought choo-choo : Then again 24 hours wouldn’t be enough to finish all that so I would prolly just watch cartoons with Mom, Dad and Syakira with that mp3 I’m supposed to get :D

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