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A letter from an H.O.T. Fan… – Posted on 21/11/09
Monday, August 2, 2010
I am now 24. I used to be a hardcore H.O.T fan when I was a teenager.
4 years ago at the beginning of my twenties, my uniform was not the only thing I had to discard as I graduated from high school.
Then, because of the views of adults, from the existence of my heart.

I had to discard my favorite idol group ‘H.O.T’.
Nowadays, many say, ‘Can’t a fan in her twenties like an idol group?’
But four years ago. Or even before that. Idols were the possession of teenagers.
So when I became twenty years old, I had to discard my uniform and ‘H.O.T’.

A group that has all the needed star qualities and is the climax of teenage fandoms…
They bring the unaccustomed words ‘Nation’s idol’ to us by expanding their fanbase throughout the age groups.!/photo.php?pid=333482&id=100000510200616

That was the first part of an article included in the HanGyuhreh Newspaper.
That was a sentence in an article about TVXQ.

Even four years ago, for a person in his or her twenties to like idols and buy their albums,
For a person stuck within the limitations of a ‘working man’, who wore army apparel or a suit, to buy idols’ albums,
equated to someone buying ‘pornographic videos’ amongst teenagers…

On one hand, I feel like the world has gotten better, but on the other hand, I’m also bitter.
If had been born a little later, ‘H.O.T’ who filled my memories would not have existed in my teenage life,
but I cannot hide my bitterness.!/photo.php?pid=333483&id=100000510200616

When they first debuted, they held the title as a group who had as many antis as fans.
They did indeed have as many anti fans as that title implied. But out of all those antis, at least 50% would have become antis, not because of TVXQ,
but because of ‘Cassiopeia’, aren’t I right?

Female celebrities who had the slightest contact with TVXQ were attacked to a level that matched ‘terrorism’.
And as ‘TVXQ’ was created to spread the mass culture to teenagers, there were many low level elementary school fans so
countless mishaps and events must have occurred.

I think that the peak of all of it was when they released their second album.

When they first debuted in 2004, no one could deny the power that they held.
This monopoly was expected as TVXQ, who were dubbed the revival of idol groups, debuted when there were no idol groups active.
(I feel that even if there were other idol groups around at the time, TVXQ would have still won anyway.)

Rookie of the Year Award Grand Slam. And the first artiste after Seotaeji to receive the Rookie of the Year Award and the Main Award.
I remember that antis and the public in general said harsh things about this.
But I also remember that none of these harsh words were sensible.

That just showed that TVXQ’s Anti generation had not opened yet.!/photo.php?pid=333484&id=100000510200616

And then came their second album in 2005, Rising Sun.

SM says that the fourth album was the best yet, but I believe that TVXQ’s most memorable album is their second album.
Although the song’s beat was so new and fresh that could not be understood without watching the performance,
if the performance was seen as well, it became their best song.

At the time, it was true that their live skills were not the best which got them some criticism.
But isn’t it true that the reason their Anti generation opened was because they began taking on acting roles and reality shows?

At the time, actresses such as ‘Kang Eunbi, Han Yaeseul, Oh Seung Yeon’ acted alongside TVXQ.
And they all received harsh comments from every single Cassiopeia who was there at the time.

After that, it felt as though antis, as well as the public excluding Cassiopeia turned their back on TVXQ…
Because of Cassiopeia.!/photo.php?pid=333485&id=100000510200616

The second H.O.T, Revival of H.O.T.
No sentence fared well under my scrutiny.
And the arrogant actions of Cassiopeia turned me off of them completely.

But there were times when Cassiopeia look fine (or even pitiful) in my eyes.

Like when Cassiopeia, as well as the members of TVXQ, helped out at the site of the unfortunate oil spill site.

Like when the US Beef Controversy erupted and Cassioepia was the first fanclub to protest and participate in various internet activities.

Like when they would collect all their pocket money together and donate it to those in need under the names of TVXQ members.

Like when they would sacrifice little things in their lives to buy one or two albums to keep TVXQ at the top.

Like when they created ‘DongBang Day’ and bought albums and online music.

Like when they all voted for TVXQ.

Like when they would go to recordings of shows, even when they had to wait in line all night and be treated like dirt, so that they could support TVXQ.

Like when they sent food to the staff of ‘Infinite Challenge’ during their concert because TVXQ liked the show.

There are more things, but I do not know of them as I am not a Cassiopeia.

But I can tell you two things for sure.

That the fan is who makes the singer’s image, and TVXQ’s well-mannered, kind image was shaped, not only by TVXQ,
but by Cassiopeia as well.

And that Cassiopeias give a sacrificial love ten times, no, a hundred times bigger than the love given by any other fanclub.

I see the old club H.O.T in Cassiopeia.
But I also see that Cassiopeia is more sacrificial and devoted than we ever were.

I feel that Cassiopeia loves TVXQ
more than TVXQ thinks of Cassiopeia.

One day, I came across something a Cassiopeia had written. It said,

‘What I fear most is TVXQ’s tears. But what I like most is TVXQ’s tears.’

She said that the tears TVXQ shed from the 2004 rotation rumors were the scariest things she had ever seen.
She vowed to work harder as a Cassiopeia so that they would never shed tears like that.

She also said that the tears they shed when they saw Cassiopeia after receiving an award were the most beautiful things she had ever seen.!/photo.php?pid=333486&id=100000510200616

‘Gives their all.’

I think those words describe Cassiopeia well.

I heard that it has been five years since TVXQ debuted. I also heard that TVXQ spent more than 50% of those five years abroad.
2 years and 6 months out of 5 years. Cassiopeia, who probably spent even less than that amount of time with TVXQ,
must miss them so.

I heard that only around 100 days were allotted for the fourth album activities.
That was the result of 2 years of waiting.

Cassiopeia matured as they waited for TVXQ,
and gave ‘their all’ to their singer more than any other fanclub had done.

I believe that no other fanclub could do what TVXQ’s fans, Cassiopeia do.

Personally, what surprised me most were the glow stick events at large scale concerts.
I believe that the members were more moved by this event as it was done in the presence of other fandoms.

And then an album that sold over 500,000 copies was released after five years from their debut.

Many idol groups emerged while TVXQ was absent.

The main groups would be ‘Big Bang’, ‘Super Junior’ and ‘SS501′.

Their album sales, especially the album sales of Big Bang, the group considered TVXQ’s rival,
are high for an idol group.
Since they are second when it comes to album sales right under TVXQ.
However, their album sales barely scrape 200,000 copies.

One columnist said this.

“The creation and beginning of idol groups was H.O.T; no one can deny that fact.
However, the end, the climax of idols is TVXQ.”

One music critic said this.

“An idol group who surpassed H.O.T, the first generation idol, debuted and the idol market evolved into the second generation idol market.
That idol group was TVXQ.

However, there has yet to come a third generation idol market.
Unless an idol group that can surpass TVXQ debuts, the third generation idol market will never come for eternity.”

TVXQ is credited for making such a TVXQ,
but Cassiopeia should be recognized for their sacrificial love.

They give their all and are left with only memories of longing.

However, Cassiopeias do not fear this.

I, at 24, envy their courage, and wish I could be like the confident Cassiopeias I see.

Even if the day of parting comes, even if a temporary day of separation comes,
I hope they do not do anything they will regret ‘because they are Cassiopeia.’

‘Because they are Cassiopeia…”

-2009. H.O.T Fan-

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