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p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
not too much to say
Wednesday, August 11, 2010
firstly,i'm sorry
second,i don't have intend to do that stupid thing
thirdly,i'll explain

i have 2 email
i have 2 facebook
1.syuhada-is umum,for friends and someone i dont even know
2.seung woo-is my korean name,a friend give me that,used for second profile to know people better
                    and not connected to my friends

the idea comes up when i friends with u.i just try to trick(i know it is a bad thing)
then i realize that i should't do that,but things had go on
then i just go on,without intend to trick more
i wish i can stop but ...i can't
the bad things i said to anis about myself
is what i feel of myself
not because you do something to me
afnee is not in the culprit
so now,conclusion,i don't have intend to that and i beg ur apology.
it's up to you whether want to accept it or not.

i know,i realize,much of the problems happen caused of me
when things getting better,i start to make a big mess.
so,here,i'm very sorry of myself
and i hope i won't do it forever
i just wish i can have a normal life
just like other people

and i'm proud to have friends
like you all
and i'm embarrass of myself
i try to be better
but i know it getting worst

i wish i'm not in the the situation
that i can't handle
but i'm putting myself
right inside of it

just 1 thing u should know
true about myself
i believe my friends
more than i believe myself
more than thing i love
just like i believe my God
don't ever break it
and i won't trust anymore

all this time
i don't talk to you all
not because i hate you
or you do something wrong
because i think
it make you hate me
then leave me alone
i think that can make me better
but i was wrong
that make me worse
i cry alone then become crazy
and weary
i don't know how to end it
so i just let it go on

i know you feel bad too
its taking toll on everybody
what can i do
but nothing

i'm writing this with all my heart
and in 'keadaan waras'

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