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Reference Guide to Names of Korean Food
Saturday, September 25, 2010
Altang알탕Spicy roe soup
Bindaetteok빈대떡Mung bean pancake
Bossam보쌈Boiled and sliced pork or beef served with spicy cabbage leaves to wrap into bite-size pieces
Chamchihoe참치회Sliced raw tuna
Cheolpan gui철판구이Broiled beef, seafood & vegetables
Chueotang추어탕Mudfish soup
Daegutang대구탕Codfish soup
Dakgalbi닭갈비Broiled spicy chicken and vegetables
Dolsot bibimbap돌솥비빔밥Steamed rice mixed vegetables and egg (sometimes beef) with chili paste in a hot stone pot
Dolsot yeongyangbap돌솥영양밥Boiled rice with nutritious ingredients (vegetables and herbs) served in a hot stone pot
Dom gui돔구이Broiled sea bream
Dotorimuk도토리묵Acorn jelly
Galbitang갈비탕Short rib soup
Gamja buchim감자부침Potato pancake
Gopchang jeongol곱창전골
Spicy Beef Tripe Hot Pot
Guksu jeongol국수전골Noodle casserole
Hanjeongsik한정식Korean table d'hOte
Hobakjuk호박죽Pumpkin porridge
Hoedeopbap회덮밥Diced raw fish with mixed vegetables served on a bed of steamed rice
Jeonbokjuk전복죽Abalone porridge
Jogi maeuntang조기매운탕Spicy croaker soup
Kimchi jjigae김치찌개Kimchi stew
Kkori gomtang꼬리곰탕Ox tail soup
Kkotgetang꽃게탕Blue crab soup (spicy)
Maeuntang매운탕Spicy and hot fish and vegetable soup
Memil makguksu메밀막국수Cold buckwheat noodles
Modeum hoe모듬회Assorted raw fish
Nakji jeongol낙지전골Small octopus soup (spicy)
Ojingeo sundae오징어순대Tofu, egg, sesame, chili and vegetables wrapped with 1cm-wide pieces of steamed squid
Roseupyeonchae로스편채Sirloin strips
Saengseon chobap생선초밥Vinegared steamed rice balls with raw fish topping
Saeu twigim새우튀김Deep-fried shrimp
Sanchae jeongsik산채정식Mountain vegetables table d'hOte
Ox bone soup served with rice
Sundubu순두부Soft tofu
Suyuk수육Steamed beef or pork slices
Yukgaejang육개장Spicy beef soup

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