The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
dear mom and dad-lastly
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
thank you for making me like this
and i'll make sure that i won't treat my daughter like this
in the future
i'm totally down now
losing my hope and faith to both of you
i'm sorry but i'm a human like you too
i'm sorry but i'm not a little child that still learn ABC
i'm sorry but i'm a teenager
and you as my parents
i wish you could fully understand me
i don't care if you don't trust me anymore
but please don't bring me down
cause i hate it
and it gonna to hurt both parties
and of course you don't want it,is it?
and i wish that you don't do this anymore
or you will lost your own daughter...
trust me this time cause i'm not joking...
I'm tired...

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