The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Dorene came to my class this evening
and said 'your dad call last night'
I asked back 'but why?'
'He ask me whether you come to school on Sunday or not'

I'm totally shocked!!!!
My dad would do that?
Then I went to 4 A and saw Ummul.
'Did my dad call you last night?'
'Yea, he ask me whether you come to school on Sunday and Monday or not.'
'Then what you said?'
'I said maybe she don't come and I don't know'

That time I know that I'm dead.
I quiver and started to cry and I'm afraid.
Come to recess time,
I decided to call my mom.

As the result,
my mom asked me whether i went to school or not that day.
And I said no because I just returned from KL that day.
My mom asked me to be true.
She said that teacher called home and ask about it.
She said she knew single things and waiting for me to be true.
My mom said I hides something from my parents.
She said tell the truth before my dad get angry.
They want to meet the teacher this Thursday
and I don't know what to do.

That day I will go home.
And I think I'll die.

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