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Marry matter!!!!
Sunday, May 1, 2011
I don't know what make me wanna talk 'bout this.
Maybe because I said I don't want to get married.
But on 30th, I got a very long dream that I won't forget.
A dream about my marriage...
At the age of 17, I've became a wife
After I said I won't get marry to my friends and they said I will marry first.
Suddenly it become true...
And I'm embarrassed to tell them 'bout the wedding. But at last, they know it.
I can't see his face but he is tall, well-build and lean. He is older then me (but not too old). I don't love him but  he took the willingness to marry with me as he loves me.HAHAHAHAHA WHAT A DREAM!!!
Because we get marry when I'm in form 5, he send me to school,fetch me and prepare my food and bed.
He takes care of me very well, very perfect. Everything is considered.
There is a scene when we go to shopping together after my tuition class. He hold my hand tight like someone is going to grab me from him. Having a candle-light dinner...very romantic and we married!!!(dream!!)
But when I ends my high school and move to university, I left him and find another man like me.
Then I get confused but at last I united with him again as he follow me everywhere I go and take care of me.

So beautiful dream like it will become true.
It makes me change my mind and having a husband during teenager's age can prevent all those couple-couple thing. And love after marriage is very beautiful if we get marry with the one that love us more then ourselves.

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