The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
I Wish
Friday, December 16, 2011
Winter; somewhere on the edge of the city, hidden within the confines of the trees surrounds the house, a young man stood on the vast balcony, silently sipping a cup of steaming tea as he basked in the faint sunlight, oblivious to the cold and the gentle hum of excitement that vibrates in the thickly saturated air.

Wisps of white cloudy twirls formed in the air as he exhaled. He observed the endless movement of the fog intently before they disappeared from his sight, only to be formed again as his exhaled once more.

All was white. Everything in sight was hidden beneath a thin layer of pure white snow. Specks of snowflakes fluttered, drifted and slowly landing on a chosen spot, crystallizing among its likes yet they share no similarity at all. In the center of a cloudless blue sky, the sun shown ever so brightly, which caused the iced trees in the surrounding shimmer like the water of a nearby lake.

Peace comes throughout Yoochun, helping him to forget some of his problems. At a moment, he catches a figure, a woman, someone he might recognize. As fast as light, he gets down to the ground without noticing that his friends are calling his name. He grabs that woman’s arm. Without a glance, he hugs that woman.

‘Hey, what are you doing?! Crazy, so insane!!’

‘It’s me, Yoochun. You’re Jung Shi, is it?’ his body trembles as he is quivering her body.

‘Are you okay, man?’ that woman hold his hands. So cold.

‘Let me send you home,’ she smiled back.

‘He is having a fever,’ that woman wipes Yoochun’s forehead with a wet handkerchief.

‘Thank you for sending him home,’

‘Never mind, he looks so poor. My name is Kyo-hyun, Lee Kyo-hyun. Nice to meet you all,’ Kyo-hyun bow her head.

‘Anyeong, Dong Bang Shin Ki mida! This is Jaejoong, Yunho, Junsu and me, Changmin. That is Yoochun,’ Changmin pointing to sleeping Yoochun.

‘Your face is very familiar to Jung-shi. Very same,’


‘I’ll go home first, thanks for some hot tea,’ Kyo-hyun smiled and touches Yoochun face softly.

‘Can you come here tomorrow?’ a request suddenly comes out from Changmin’s mouth.

‘Yes, why not?’ she smiles so beautiful, shuts the door.

‘Poor and lucky hyung, lost one and get a new, beautiful one,’Junsu wipes Yoochun’s forehead.

‘Shhh, you might wake him. I’m thinking something about Kyo-hyun. It is possible that she is Jung-shi. She is death already. Can she wake again and walk in the snow?’ Jaejoong say while gasping the cold air at the balcony.

‘Don’t make a joke at this time, hyung. We really need to help Yoochun to get better. I don’t dare to see him like this again. It is penetrating my heart.’Changmin sounds dead, monotonous.

‘We will find the cure. She will come tomorrow, is it? You’re so smart, Changmin,’ Yunho sighs.

‘Anyeong, anyone here?’ Kyo-hyun pushes the door.


‘What happen?’

‘Jung-shi, is it you?’ a voice hear from a room.

Kyo-hyun get up the stairs to find out who is it, no one but Yoochun.

‘No, I’m Kyo-hyun. Maybe you get a wrong person,’ Kyo-hyun slowly sits beside him.

‘But your face…I never get a wrong person,’ Yoochun try to get up.

‘Just lying there, you still very weak, you know,’ Kyo-hyun slowly push him back to bed.

‘Anyeong, we’re back. Hyung, are you at the upstairs?’ a soft-dolphin voice shout from the downstairs.

Kyo-hyun runs to downstairs ‘I’m here, anything I can help you?’

‘Can you take care of Yoochun while we’re out? We’ll be home late this evening,’ Yunho clear.

‘Hmm, can I ask my friend to accompany me here?’

‘Yes, of course. You won’t be alone here,’ Jaejoong smiled.

‘Anyeong, anyone here?’ a girl voice hears from the door.

‘She is here. By the way, today is my holiday,’ Kyo-hyun walks toward the door.

‘Hi, guys. Oppa!’

‘Min-yue! Why you are here?’ Changmin burst to the door and hug Min-yue.

‘To accompany Kyo-hyun, we’re best friend, you know’

‘Why don’t you tell me earlier?’ Kyo-hyun pissed Min-yue’s nose. Min-yue mocks at her.

‘This kid is my boyfriend,’ Min-yue pointing to Changmin.

‘What kid?’ Changmin pinches Min-yue’s nose.

‘We’re going now. Anything just calls us. Please take care of Yoochun. Anyeong.’ Yunho shut the door.

‘So, what happen?’

Kyo-hyun sits on the chair wordlessly. ‘I don’t know. That man, Yoochun just pull my arm and hug me while calling me…Jung-shi. He looks so deprived.’

‘Let’s go up stair,’

‘You go first, I want to make a chicken porridge for him,’ Min-yue point the door.

Yoochun looks very pale when Kyo-hyun sits beside him.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Where have you been for this long time? I try to find you everywhere but…Please don’t leave me again’ Yoochun hold Kyo-hyun hands while mumbling to her before sleeps again.

‘Pity him, losing his lover without any word.’ Min-yue says while heading to him carrying a bowl of porridge.

‘So poor,’ Kyo-hyun wipes his face.

‘We’re home!’ Changmin immediately hug Min-yue from the back.

‘Eii, sweat! Go and get your bath first, oppa. I will cook for you tonight,’ Min-yue pushes Changmin softly while he mocks to her.

‘Want me to help?’ Jaejoong offers.

‘As you wish.’

‘Can I help you too?’ Changmin makes his childish face.

‘After you get your bath. Kyo-hyun, come and help me,’

‘Menu tonight?’ Jaejoong asks while taking out some beef from refrigerator.

‘Bulgogi, Jigae Kimchi,…what about spaghetti? Consider to you, oppa,’ Min-yue smile.

‘Bulgogi…Yoochun favourite, nice choice,’ Jaejoong claps her shoulder.

Kyo-hyun cracks the scene.

‘Did you mind if I ask about Jung-shi?’

‘Yes, why not?’

‘Who is she?’

‘Yoochun’s wife-to-be. They know each other about 2 years ago,’

‘Hey, what are you staring at?’ Yoochun asks a girl, who is looking curiously at him.

‘Nothing, just yourself. Your wearing is outdate,’

‘Why don’t you show me something that is update?’ he pulls her hand to a car while waving to his friends.

‘Are you crazy? I have many things to do besides being your fashion instructor,’

‘I’m Yoochun, your name?’ he asks while pulling the handbrake.

‘Jung-shi, Cha Jung-shi,’ their eyes meet. All keeps in silent for a while.

‘Can I get out from this car?’

‘No, until you agree to go out tomorrow evening. I will fetch you here, where I will stop now,’ he smiles so beautiful, stops his car under a tree.

‘Okay, tomorrow evening,’ a glace and Jung-shi is out from the car.

‘She’s so pleasure,’ Yoochun thinks while driving back to his friends.

‘From that moment, they become a very best friend until one day, when Yoochun propose her to be his girlfriend. They agree to get married in a year.’ Yunho get into the kitchen without anyone noticing.

After that, Junsu burst into the kitchen with Changmin pulling his hand back.

‘Could you keep the silent for a while, men?’ Jaejoong stares at them.

‘Sorry and then, Jung-shi disappears without a word. Yoochun waits for news from her for a month but nothing. We’ve tried to detect her but according to her family; she’s gone to America for some works,’ Junsu say it back.

‘But it is something to do with me?’ Kyo-hyun chops the onions.

‘Yes, after a month, we receive a letter stated that Jung-shi died because of a brain cancer. Yoochun cannot accept it and give up his career. We’re given a week holiday for Yoochun to recover. And we’ve use 2 days of the holiday. Yoochun must be okay before our next concert at Seoul. If not, we’ll not perform,’ Changmin’s eyes alight with worry.

‘When you come last night, you’d give us a new hope. Only you are our expectation now.’

Kyo-hyun sighs. ‘Okay. But after that, I will go.’

‘YES!’ they shout together.

2 days had gone and Yoochun is totally refreshed. They walk together in the snow and rain, playing snowballs and eating ice-cream together. In that time also Yoochun has accept that Jung-shi is gone and the one that is standing in front of him is Kyo-hyun, someone with a similar face.

One day, while going back from accompanying Yoochun from his dancing practice, the snow flow from the sky, make it very ecsotic.

‘Do you remember the first time we meet?’ Yoochun say while holding the snow.

‘Of course, hugging people without noticing who she is, I almost hit your head with my laptop, you know. Fortunately, you faint,’ Kyo-hyun laughs.

‘No, just your face is like her,’ Yoochun holds her hands.

‘Do you still cannot forget her, oppa? It almost 2 month she’s gone, you know?

‘I know, I can accept that she’s gone but her love is still in my heart. Now, I’m having a new unconditional love with you, her love quite disappearing without I realize. I won’t find it course the real love is in front of me now,’ he smiles so broad.

‘Oh yea, your holiday due tomorrow, right?’ Kyo-hyun wipes the snows from Yoochun’s hair.

‘Hmm, the concert will be held in fortnight. Will you come with me?’

‘…, I don’t know, oppa,’ Kyo-hyun smiled at him.

That night, Kyo-hyun goes to Min-yue’s house.

‘What happen, Kyo-hyun?’

‘I have something to discuss with you,’ she says, eyes worried.

‘Oppa asks me to follow him to the concert at Seoul. What should I do now?’

‘Just follow him, all problems will be solved,’ Min-yue places the tea pot on the table.

‘Of course not, don’t you remember that I only take care of him during their holiday only?’

‘Anyeong! Min-yue! Are you at home?’ a voice called from the door.

‘Why you’re so early, oppa?’ Min-yue stared at them before having a glance at the clock.

‘What’s happening, guys?’ Kyo-hyun rolled her eyes.

‘I’m going to make a small party tonight because, first, Dong Bang Shin Ki will end their holiday tomorrow and will have their next concert soon. Second, Yoochun had recovered from his ‘illnesses.’ Yoochun smiles while holding Kyo-hyun’s hand. She starts to shocked.

‘Third, I will engaged with Changmin and after the concert we will get married,’ Changmin hugs Min-yue but Junsu mocks at them, ‘Pe go pa!’

‘Let’s cook,’ Jaejoong stand and go to the kitchen immediately.

‘No, let have a barbeque tonight, under the stars!’ Min-yue pulls Jaejoong hands to the house compound.

Next day, early in the morning, Kyo-hyun stands in the balcony, gasping for the last air there before she goes to Seoul with Yoochun.

‘Are you ready?’ a voice whisper at her ear before a hug from back. Yoochun smiles at her. Suddenly, tears flows from her eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Nothing, I will miss this place, where I meet you at the first time,’ Kyo-hyun wipes her tears. She lies.

‘I’m sleepy.’

‘You can sleep in the car,’

‘Let’s go.’

‘Wake up, we’ve reached the airport,’ a soft touch wake Kyo-hyun.


‘Take care of your health, friend. I will follow you after I finish my job here, okay? Before the concert. Guys, please take care of her especially Yoochun. I will kill you if anything happen to her.’ Min-yue hugs Kyo-hyun for last time.

‘Don’t worry,’

‘Promise that you will come, or I will kill you too. Our engaged, don’t forget,’ Changmin pissed Min-yue’s nose. She mocks at him before hug him ‘I love you,’

‘I really jealous of them, Min-yue is very tough, can understand Changmin’s career. Finally, Yoochun find his true love here,’ Junsu stare at Changmin and Min-yue while Yoochun holdings Kyo-hyun’s hands.

‘It like a perfect love story, right?’ Yunho claps Jaejoong’s shoulder while they are crossing the road.

Yoochun is holding Kyo-hyun’s hand when it happens.

The scene is too fast. The snow keeps falling down.

A glance and Yoochun is at the roadside with blood spreading on his shirt.


She is lying on the road while a car that knock her drive away from that place. Yoochun wounded and blood flows from his head. He gets up while holding his head. Tears flow from his eyes,

‘Don’t go, don’t leave me,’ his voice is thick, barely recognizable.

Other members become panic. Why this should happen at this time?

‘Yunho, call the ambulance! Hurry!’

‘Yoochun, are you okay?’

‘Kyo-hyun, are you…NO!’ Min-yue scream before sited to the ground. Changmin help her to get up. She buried her head into his shoulder as she cry the worse.

The ambulance arrives and Yoochun lift her on the trolley before get into the ambulance.

‘Delay the flight, hyung,’ he says to Jaejoong.

Min-yue and Changmin join Yoochun in the ambulance while other follows by the car.

In the ambulance, Yoochun try to wake the unconscious Kyo-hyun but she still like that. A tear flipped from her eye as Yoochun sees it, ‘Uljima.’

Min-yue has stop crying as she looks very worry to see much blood at Kyo-hyun’s body. She prays in her heart ‘God, please save my friend, please save us.’

Arriving the hospital, Yoochun immediately push the trolley with the attendants.

‘Please stay outside,’ the doctor says before Kyo-hyun is brought into the operation room.

‘It’s my entire fault,’ Yoochun sited on floor.

‘If I don’t ask her to follow me, she must be safe at home now,’

‘Why this must happen to me?’

‘Am I too unlucky to have a true love?’

‘That’s not your fault, hyung. I think you need to take serious of your injuries,’ Junsu claps his shoulder before they help him to get up and dub a doctor.

‘The pledge that she had made before…really come true,’ Yunho voice is thick, barely recognizable.

‘What pledge?’ Yoochun explode to Yunho.

‘Before you’re fully recovered, Kyo-hyun promises to take care of you only during the holiday. After that, she will go,’

‘That’s why when you ask her to follow us; she’s like reluctant to go.’

That night, Yunho make a decision that Kyo-hyun must follow them until the concert last and then she can go.

‘But oppa, I’ve…I’ve fall in love with him. What should I do now? I can’t follow you tomorrow. I must keep my promise.’ A tear flipped from her eye when she sees Yoochun is catching Jaejoong for taking his beef. Very happy.

‘If I follow you tomorrow, Yoochun must not let me go, you know.’

‘That’s only a reason. You want me to talk to him about it?’

‘NO! It just…nothing. I will follow you tomorrow and…we’ll discuss about it later,’ Kyo-hyun smiles so deep.

The words-‘Okay. But after that, I will go.’- keep viewing in her head for the whole entire that night.

After half an hour of a soundless scene, Junsu breaks the silent.

‘Let’s go home after you get the treatment, hyung.’

‘I want to take care of Kyo-hyun,’

‘Junsu is right, oppa. Let me take care of her. You should get some rest too. Pity your head,’ Min-yue clapped his shoulder.

‘I will accompany her, don’t worry, hyung,’ Changmin smiled, look so irritating.

At home, Yoochun go to bed immediately after talking a little to his friends.

‘Thanks a lot, friends. I don’t know what to do if you’re not here,’ Yoochun sighs.

‘It’s our responsibility to take care of you. Now, go to sleep.’

Next day is very dreadful to Yoochun as he see the entire luggage in front of the door. ‘What’s going on, guys?’

‘Oh, we need to arrive Seoul before this evening. The concert…we need to prepare a lot for it,’ Yunho smiled a little.

‘But…I’ve some unsolved work here,’ Yoochun stared at him.

‘We know but we can’t delay it anymore. We will leave here with or without her,’ Jaejoong sits on the chair sorrowfully.

Yoochun looks much stressed.

Changmin burst into the house with a tired face, like do not get enough sleep.

‘Anyeong, hyung,’ his voice is deep and hollow.

‘Any progress?’

‘We need to go to Seoul first because Kyo-hyun still in coma. After she is awake, Min-yue will take her to Seoul,’ Changmin lie on the sofa.

‘Coma…it will take a long time to recover,’

‘But why you look very sleepy, Changmin?’ Jaejoong touch Changmin’s head caringly.

‘Do you cry last night?’

‘Nothing, I’m fine.’

‘Don’t lie,’

‘I can’t stand it again, hyung. Why it must happen now?’

‘About Kyo-hyun…let God decides it for me. Don’t worry, guys,’ Yoochun claps his shoulder, try to hold his tears.

‘It’s time now. Let’s go to airport,’ Jaejoong grabs their tickets and passports before pulling his bag to the car.

Along the way, they pass through the place where Yoochun always walk with Kyo-hyun. He still remembers the day where they were throwing the snowballs. It is very happy to remember but Kyo-hyun now is lying on the bed, sleep without smiling again to him.

Arriving the airport, all have board in the plane accept Junsu which is busy checking his beg when his phone vibrate.


‘Oppa, Kyo-hyun has waked! But…’ Min-yue stops there.

‘But what?’ Junsu asks curiously.

‘She don’t know who is me, she had lost his memory. She don’t even remember her name,’

Kyo-hyun’s head is in pain. She could feel the pain of her wound on her head.

‘Where am I?’ she only see a white ceiling.

She tries to recall who send her in but she fails.

‘Who am I?’

She can’t remember her own identity. She sits up her bed and look at her own reflection on the window beside her.

She tries again but pain strike her head.

Then, she hears the door opened.

It is Min-yue, her friend.

‘Kyo-hyun! You are awake!’ scream Min-yue.

She hugs her immediately. Kyo-hyun is shocked. She pushes away Min-yue.

‘Who are you?’ asked Kyo-hyun.

‘Junsu, what’s wrong? Hurry or you’ll miss the flight!’ Jaejoong calls him after Min-yue.

‘Hyung…Kyo-hyun has waked but…she had lost her memory.’

‘How did you know?’ Jaejoong startled.

‘Min-yue just told me. What’s we’re going to do now?’

‘We must go on with the flight, I will tell Yunho and Changmin. We’ll discuss it at Seoul.’

‘What about Yoochun?’

‘Keep it as a secret from him.’

Yes. Kyo-hyun had lost her memory. She has no idea about who she is.

She couldn’t recognize who are her best friends even her family.

The doctor said that she got a quake on her head.

‘Yeobosayo,’ she could hear Changmin’s smile across the distance to the tiny gadget.

‘Min-yue, are you okay?’ he asked, a bit more serious than before.

A short silent occurred between them before Min-yue continue.

‘I’m okay. Have you all told Yoochun about Kyo-hyun?’

‘Not yet but tonight we will,’

‘She would be having temporary memory loss…it is just time that matters…,’

‘I m going to take her on a vacation, hoping that she could remember some, you know,’

‘Jaejoong want to talk to you,’

‘Hmm, anyeong, oppa,’

‘About that vacation, I’m very agree with you. Such a smart girl.’

‘But will it work, oppa? Your concert is just around the corner,’

‘About the concert…I’ve discuss it with the management…they agree to postpone it until the next month, we will wait for you,’ Yunho whisper on the phone.

‘Really? So good,’

Another pause ensued until the other responded.

‘It’s taking a toll on everybody, right? Don’t forget to smile! Hwaiting!’ Junsu dolphin voice makes her want to cry.

‘Min-yue, thanks for everything,’ Yoochun’s voice so narrow.

‘It’s okay, oppa,’

‘Yeah, that’s the right attitude! Now, get a little bit of your deserved rest. I love you,’ a sound like kiss heard from the telephone before she hung up.

A week later, Kyo-hyun is getting better and better.

She is leaving with Min-yue until a nurse call her up.

‘Wait!!! You left something!!!’

Kyo-hyun turns around and looks at the nurse.

The nurse takes a bracelet out from her pocket.

‘The day when you came into the emergency room…you were holding this …’ explain the nurse.

‘Ok,’ say Kyo-hyun, even though she didn’t know whether that thing does not belong to her.

She takes it and get into the car. Min-yue is driving the car.

Then Kyo-hyun takes a deep breath.

She looks at the bracelet on her hand carefully.

It has a heart pendant, like a couple bracelets. It must have another pair with it.

But the one she is holding is for a man.

She looks at the small piece of metal. There are some words carved on it.

~Hope to the end~

Then Kyo-hyun thinks…this may make her remember her own identity.

‘Min-yue…what is this?’ she asks, hoping a good answer from Min-yue.

‘It’s…Yoochun’s bracelet.’

‘Who? Did I know him?’

‘He is your boyfriend, don’t you remember him?’

‘No, not at all. Is he a DBSK?’

‘Yes,’ Min-yue says without seeing that she almost hit the road divider.

She breaks suddenly. Kyo-hyun’s head fly forward, bumping against the air bag, causing her to groan in pain.

‘Are you okay?’ Min-yue leans forward to have better sight of his friend.

A flash in her head; they were walking to the airport and she is holding a man’s hand before a car hit her. She pushes that man and a bracelet locked to her hand. She hears a man shouts her name before she blacked out. A strike cross her head.

‘I’ll drive you home,’ Min-yue reverse the car before continue to drive.

Arriving home, Min-yue open the door before she scream.


Kyo-hyun rolled her eyes.

‘Hi, Min-yue, Kyo-hyun.’ Jaejoong open the door.

‘Do you know who is me?’ Junsu asks Kyo-hyun.

‘I know, you are …Junsu. This is Jaejoong, Yunho, and Changmin; Min-yue’s boyfriend…’ she stares at Yoochun.

‘But I don’t know you, I don’t remember. Sorry,’ she points to him.

Yoochun holds his hand.

‘I’m Yoochun, Park Yoochun. Nice to meet you,’ tears flowing from his eyes.

‘Uljima,’ she wipes his tears.

‘Pegopa!’ Changmin shouts at them.

‘Let’s cook for this child, oppa,’ Min-yue pulls Jaejoong’s hand to the kitchen.

‘Hey! What child?! You should pull my hand, not his. Hello, I’m your boyfriend!’ Changmin shouts at both of them. Jaejoong grins like an evil.

‘You are very jealousy, dongsaeng. Min-yue won’t marry with Jaejoong hyung,’ Junsu claps his shoulder.

‘Hey, watch out your mouth, hyung!’

While they are at variance, Yunho asks Yoochun to take Kyo-hyun for a short walk.

‘Okay,’ said Yoochun. He tries his best to treat Kyo-hyun. Just to let her recover.

‘Kyo-hyun, are you free now? Want to take a fresh air outside?’

Kyo-hyun taken aback. She feels a strange condition when he calls her name like a cold breeze in her vain. Like she had gone through the situation before but when?

‘Yes, why not?’ she smiles.

The snow keeps falling, spreading its beautiful and cold, where love soar like butterflies. They walks together even in the cold breeze, maybe people thinks they are crazy but believe that love can make them warm.

‘How many days will you spends you holiday?’ Kyo-hyun wipes the snow out her head.

‘Like usually, we are given a week holiday,’ Yoochun smiles.

‘But this time we come here to work. We need to find the concept for our upcoming concert. Maybe it will take only three days. Then we will leave.’

‘Three days only?’


‘Nothing. You’re a singer, is it? Can you…’

‘Of course. You are the first person to hear I sing this song solo, a sad love song,’ Yoochun cuts her words.

The snow falls very beautiful when Yoochun starts to sing.

Kaeritai nagai yoruni oku no munewa mada mayouteniru

Kaerinai awai asa ni tsugeta chikai uso ni naru kara

Ano koro no bokura no kagega

Ima tachiagari ugokidasu

You know that I’m still waiting for you

Another day, another night

Mirai wa soko ni tachi to maatte iru keredo

Now living without your love

Kimi no furueru kata wo

Omoidashite wa iikikaseteru

Ima dake ga setsunai my destiny

Wasuretai kimi no hitomi kimi no namida kimi no tameiki wo

Wasurenai ringgu hazushi kimochi karukushi sugosu mainichi

Kokoro dake sakende iruyo

Mou ichido dake tsutaetai

You know that my hearts beating for you

A pain strike across Kyo-hyun’s head.

A view of she is walking with a man under the snow flow come into her mind. But she still can’t observe that man. He is like a shadow. ‘Who is him?’

Yoochun stops singing when Kyo-hyun stands up at once. She is holding a bracelet and held it to him.

‘Is this yours?’


‘It is in pair. If this is yours, do you have mine, I think?’

‘…Yes.’ He takes a small metal bracelet from his pocket.

‘Give me your hand.’ He locks up the bracelet softly at her hand.

‘Thank you. Now, give me your hand.’ She also does the same.

‘Who are you actually? God, help me!’ her heart shouting.

‘I will recognize you one day. I can feel that you are very important to me,’ she whispers slowly to Yoochun.

They walk home with everyone keep in silent. Only the air sound can be heard around.

When they open the door, everyone in the house is staring at them.

Min-yue pulls Kyo-hyun’s hand to the balcony. ‘Have you remembered who he is?’


Min-yue sighs.

Yoochun hears it, tears flow from his eyes.

‘So hard to love you, Kyo-hyun. Too much obstacles. Maybe I need to let you go. Promise must be keep.’

Day by day, their holidays only for one day more.

‘When you’re going to Seoul?’

‘Tomorrow morning. The flight is very early. We’re avoiding the fans that are gathering at the airport,’ Jaejoong sighs.

‘Where is Kyo-hyun?’

‘She is having a therapy at the hospital; she said that she must get back her memory before you all go to Seoul.’

‘Where is Yoochun?’

‘He is collecting some memories before go to Seoul,’

‘Poor them. Memories will make me sad when I remember them.’

‘I believe that love won’t separate them,’ Min-yue holds Changmin’s hand.

While she is walking home, the snow is falling so beautiful. A figure of a man that she is missing is leaning to a tree like waiting for her make her walks goes faster.

‘Sa gi jya.’ Yoochun whispers to her ear, holding her from run from him.

‘Mianhe,’ a tear fall from her eye.

‘I will wait for you until the day I die,’

‘Don’t do that. I believe you can find somebody else, which is more perfect. I just a burden to you. Don’t you realize that I just trouble you all this time? Please go away now. Start a new life. Don’t wait for me. I won’t be there for you. Just go away from my life. I hope you won’t be here now,’ she cries while running from him, crossing the road without noticing a car almost hit her. A glance and she realize that she is lying on the road with a man hugging him.

Yoochun’s head is full with blood when he wake up and hold Kyo-hyun body.

‘Are you okay?’ he smiled before heading to the ground.


A flash in her head and she remember that the man is Yoochun, her love.

She had remembered everything, everything about her life.

Blood splattered on her clothes, make her realizes that Yoochun had saved her.

‘Yoochun, wake up. Don’t leave me!’

‘I’ve remember everything, I’ve remember who are you!’

‘Kyo-hyun, wake up!’ Yoochun’s shake make her wake from her sleep.

‘What’s going on?’ Kyo-hyun rolled her eyes.

‘I should ask you,’ he smiles.

‘Hurry up, or we will miss the flight. Everyone had leaved the car, even Min-yue.’

‘Actually you fall asleep in the car. Maybe too tired last night.’

She stares at his head. Nothing there.

‘I got a bad dream, very bad and scary. I’m afraid it will happen.’ Kyo-hyun

‘What will happen?’ Yoochun touch her hands.

‘There will be an accident and I will lose my memory. You die in a crash.’

‘It won’t happen. It just a dream. Don’t worry,’ he claps her arm softly.

‘Hey, what are you doing there?! Hurry up!’ Jaejoong’s shout shocked them.

While they are crossing the road, a car suddenly rushes toward them.

Will Kyo-hyun’s dream comes true?

She doesn’t know what to do, just standing on the road.

The car is almost knocking her when a hand strongly pushes her towards the roadside.

The car drive away when Kyo-hyun wake and see her saver.


‘Yoochun!’ her dream come true but…

‘Wake up! Don’t leave me!’ Kyo-hyun cries slowly.

Not many people at the place so it is not crowded.

‘I’m sorry. Don’t leave me. I love you!’ she hugged the body.

Suddenly, Junsu kicks his leg.

‘Hyung, just stop it! We’re late. Poor Kyo-hyun.’

‘Yea, stop pretending. We’re not doing drama here,’ Changmin pulls his arm.

‘The road is very dirty, you know.’

‘You guys just disturbing me!’ Yoochun open his eyes and mocks.

Kyo-hyun slaps his shoulder loudly.

‘Why you do that? I almost fainted,’ she shouts to him.

‘I just want to test you. At last you say that you love me.’

‘That not a joke,’

‘Don’t mad at me, your beauty has lost,’

‘But your face is very cute when you’re angry,’ he pinches her cheek.

‘It’s hurt!!’

Suddenly he hugs her and whispers to her ear ‘I love you too.’

The other four and Min-yue are watching their action.

‘Free drama, so romantic,’ Min-yue rolled her mouth.

‘I can be romantic too.’ Changmin smile like evil.

‘Flirty!’ he hugs her lover suddenly.

Yunho come forward to both of Kyo-hyun and Yoochun,

‘CUT! A perfect drama, ha? Do you want to go to Seoul or not?’

‘Mianhe, hyung,’

While walking to the flight, Kyo-hyun holds Min-yue and Changmin’s hand.

‘Thank you for your care, when I’m memory lost,’ she smiles.

‘What’s wrong with you?’

‘Nothing.’ She runs to Yoochun.

‘I’ve said that nothing will happen to us. Nothing can separate us.’

‘I wish I will be with you forever.’

‘Your wish is fulfilled.’ He hugged his lover tightly.

‘A perfect ending right? Our two friends had got their partner. What about us?’ Junsu pulls his luggage to the plane.

‘Don’t worry. We’re Dong Bang Shin Ki!’ Jaejoong shouts before get into the flight.

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