The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
A Love Song for You
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
‘You’re under arrest! Put your gun on the ground. Don’t hurt the kid!’ a sound heard from the speaker.

‘We have no way now, sir. What we need to do now?’ a man is holding a gun, quivering and hiding in the old factory near the sea.

His leader, a dangerous criminal, is holding a child.

‘Get a truck. We leave this place,’ he says, pointing to his ‘kids’.

‘Yes sir.’

‘Get up now, child,’ he pushes the children into the truck, pointing his gun to his head. The crying sound heard make the police more beware.

‘Don’t hurt the child!’ a woman shouts through the speaker.

‘I’m the police inspector, Hye-jin. Let’s have a deal. You let the child and we leave this place.’

The criminal shocked for a while. ‘Don’t lie to me, woman.’

‘Let’s go,’ he point to the road.

‘What about the corps?’

‘Bump onto them, you stupid!’

Growing sounds from the truck make Hye-jin more alert.

‘You, go to that corner. Shot when I instruct,’ she initiate her men.

Suddenly, the truck gets out from the factory. The people in it are hiding their face and a boy shouting. The truck stops in front of Hye-jin and the leader step out and grab the boy with him.

‘Let go the boy,’

‘You want this child? Take it but in deadly way!’ he laugh, pulling the trigger, ready to shot.

A glance and the criminal man outburst the corps.

Shot scenes begin and the criminals run for shelter. Hye-jin quickly safe the boy before get a shot at her chest.

She gets a second shot at her head after blast the leader of the crime.

Other executioners get on the truck with their dead leader, leaving some that are arrested by the police later.

The boy is safe but…

‘Hye-jin, wake up! Call the ambulance now!’ her officer shouting.


‘Changmin, are you okay?’

‘You stupid. Of course I’m not okay. My stomach like want to burst,’ Changmin scream at once.

‘I’ll call the doctor,’ Yunho run to the counter.

‘Faster, hyung! I can’t stand it anymore!’ Changmin hold his tears.

‘Huh, don’t cry,’ Jaejoong say while he and Yoochun put him on the wheelchair.

‘Have you informed Min-yue about this?’ Junsu ask, never the slight one.

‘Don’t. She might kill me,’

‘Why?’ they look at him.

‘She had advice me to take care of my health. Furthermore, she is outstation now.’ Changmin grin in pain.

‘She won’t angry if Jaejoong tell her,’ Junsu smirk like evil.

Yoochun smell the fighting scent; say ‘the doctor is here. Let’s go, Changmin.’ He pushes him into the room.


After a while, the four of them getting boring.

‘What is he doing inside, why so long?’ Yoochun thinks.

‘I’m going to get some snacks. You want some, hyungs?’ Junsu break the silent.

‘Yes. Some coffee might help.’

Junsu slowly walks through the corridor and find a café behind the hospital.

‘I want 4 cups of coffee and some bread. Thank you.’ Junsu give the cashier the money.

While waiting for the food, he sits beside the casement, showing the backside of the hospital. Looks very peace and catchy.

Suddenly, his eyes catch a window at the hospital, with white curtain and a vase of pink roses.

‘I love pink,’ he though.

‘The room is at fourth floor,’

‘Here you are. Thank you. Please come again,’ the waitress voice wake him from his reverie.

‘Owh, thank you,’ he smile back, walking out from the café.

He forgot what he had saw just now.


‘Here you are,’ he gives the drinks to his hyungs.

‘We thought that you’re making the coffee. Yunho had already fallen in sleep,’ Jaejoong shake the sleepy Yunho.

‘Mianhe, hyung. The café is far from here.’

‘Have you call Min-yue?’

‘Not yet. If the Changmin’s condition gets worse, I’ll call her,’ Yoochun sighs.

A nurse gets out from the treatment room, ‘Shim Changmin relatives?’

They get shocked and burst to the nurse.

‘What’s wrong with him?’

‘He needs to stay at hospital for 2 days. His ward is at fourth floor.’

‘Is he okay?’

‘He will be fine. I’ll go first, thank you.’

‘Thank you,’ they looked to each other.

‘We need to inform Min-yue now.’

Suddenly, Junsu remember something.

‘Fourth floor? Yes!’ he whispers.

‘What’s wrong with you now? Don’t say that you’re happy,’ Yoochun stared at him.

‘No. I’m sad because no one is going to quarrel with me.’ Junsu sighs.

‘Yea, harmony at last.’

‘Let visit him now.’ They get into the lift and go to Changmin’s room.

Jaejoong push the door,

‘Are you okay?’ Jaejoong asks while shipshape the curtains.

‘Wake up!’ Changmin stirred slightly. There’s something shining brightly on his face. He groaned but stays still. His eyes opened gradually.

‘He’ll be fine. We will take care of you. What doctor had said?’ Yoochun closed the door.

‘Nothing. My stomach is wounded because I eat too spicy. Then I get an injection and I don’t remember anything after that.’

Jaejoong shocked.

‘Maybe I cook too spicy for you all. Sorry Changmin.’

‘Owh, that’s not your fault. Where is my bag?’

‘Here,’ a while before his phone ring.

‘Yeobosayo,’ he could hear Min-yue’s smile across the distance to the tiny gadget.

‘Changmin, are you okay?’ she asked, a bit more serious than before.

‘I’m okay,’

A short silent occurred between them before Min-yue continue.

‘I’ll go to you tomorrow. You want something?’

‘I want…you!’ Changmin smile so broad, make his hyungs jealous.

‘Yeah, that’s the right attitude! Now, get a little bit of your deserved rest. I love you,’ a sound like kiss heard from the telephone before he hung up.

‘Amazing. She doesn’t mad at me!’

‘Wait until she comes,’ Yunho smile.

Changmin scowl again.


‘Junsu, you take care of him tomorrow,’ Yunho instruct him, beside a sleepy Changmin.

‘Hah! Why? I …’ Junsu startled.

‘No complain.’

‘Never mind, I can take care of myself. Even more, Min-yue will come,’ Changmin whispers slowly.

‘No, I will take care of you.’ Junsu grin.


Junsu steps out from Changmin’s room, sighing. Junsu stroll around the hospital alone as he is feeling really boring.


‘Poor you. Why don’t you have a walk outside, get some fresh air. I’ll watch Changmin,’ Min-yue claps Junsu’s shoulder.

‘Yea, you must be boring. Even myself too,’ Changmin tease.

‘Okay,’ Junsu stare at Changmin.

As he is turning at a corner, he passes a room that he saw at the café.

He put his face at the glass panel to see inside the room. A man with a girl. That man is putting the pink roses in the vase. Like he is not that woman’s husband. His clothing looks very formal.

Junsu hides behind the wall of the hospital.

After few minutes, the guy walks out from the room. Junsu sneaks into her room. A woman lying lifeless on the bed, peacefully.

‘She’s very beautiful. Why she is here?’

Suddenly, a nurse get into the room, make Junsu stunned.

‘You’re this patient’s family member?’ she asked.

He startled. ‘What should I do?’

‘Yes I’m. What’s wrong with her?’ he covers his face, try to act.

‘You don’t know? Almost 3 month she is in this state, coma.’


‘Two shots at her chest and head. First, we think she is unable to live but her strength is really great. After the operation, she gasps for air.’

‘Her occupation?’ the last question seem does not have the answer when suddenly the doctor gets in.

‘Nurse, we need to stop the oxygen pump. This patient is heavily recovered. We just need to let her go.’

‘No,’ Junsu raise his head.

‘You know, we must hope till the end,’

‘Okay,’ the last word from the doctor make he catch the breath heavily.

‘I’ll take care of you,’ he whispers slowly.


‘I’ll heed of you tomorrow,’ Junsu burst into the room.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ Yunho stare at him.

‘I just…like the nurse here, very cute,’ he lies.

‘Hmm, naughty,’

‘Okay, until Minnie get out tomorrow,’ Jaejoong smile.

‘Something had happen,’ Yoochun though.

Actually, something crosses Junsu’s head. Something that he cannot forget. He doesn’t even know her name.

Her closed eyelids make the scene so beautiful.

‘I need to change the flower. Pink is not good for healing.’


The next day, Junsu buy a bouquet of red roses. He replaces the pink one with the new one. Look merrier than before.

‘Don’t you feel boring? I sit for a minute in Changmin’s room and almost sleep.’

‘Some entertainment might help you to recover.’

He starts singing, a beautiful love song.

So you should know the stars will shear

Was never mean to die

A glamorous on mysteries for you and I

Just you and I

I never gonna say goodbye

Cause I never want to see you cry

I swore that you might love with me

And I swore it over again

I never gonna treat you bad

Cause I never want to see you sad

I swore to share your joy and your pain

And I swore it over again

All over again

Suddenly, her body trembles. Junsu shocked. He run out the room and calls the help. Soon enough the doctors and nurses burst into the room, shouting words that Junsu can’t understand. Some of them are pumping on her chest. Some of them are checking the machines. And some of them are busy placing some wires on her body.

Junsu is stunned at the fuss in front of him. He walks towards one of the nurses to ask about the woman’s condition.

‘Her heart suddenly pumping so fast and she supposed to stop the oxygen supply later today. We need to manage a final operation since her condition has worsened. I don’t think she can make it anymore.’

The last words make Junsu quaver. ‘What?’ his heart shout.

Suddenly, a man in corps uniform gets in the room.

‘You can come tomorrow,’ he pushes Junsu outside the room slowly and closes the door.


‘Junsu, where have you been? We’re going home now. A minute and other will arrive here,’ Changmin pouts as soon Junsu enters the room.

‘What’s wrong with you, oppa?’ Min-yue pats his shoulder.

Junsu just unlock his mouth when someone opens the door.

‘Guys, are you ready to go? Others wait at the car,’ Kyo-hyun smiles while holding Yoochun’s hand, which is standing behind her.

‘Yea, we’ve waiting for you. Let’s go,’ Changmin shouts happily.

Arriving the car, Jaejoong hugs his dongsaeng happily.

‘Hyung, can you make a Jigae Kimchi tonight. I miss it very much,’ Changmin grins.

‘No, you need to let your stomach relax for a while.’

Without anyone realize, Junsu never talk since the incident. His eyes are clear, thinking of the woman. What will happen to her? Is she had died or they stop her oxygen supply.

‘Hey, what’s wrong with you?’ Yunho taps Junsu’s hand.

‘Nothing. I’m sleepy.’


~The next morning~

‘Morning, Jaejoong! Something smells nice,’ Yunho asks.

‘Help yourself, hyung.’

‘Hey, where’s everyone?’

‘Changmin and Yoochun went for a jog. I think they’ll back any minute now. And Junsu…I don’t know. He’s out early this morning.’

Yunho and Jaejoong looked at each other. They are both thinking the same thing. Something is wrong with Junsu. He’s keeping a secret from them. That never happens before. Junsu is the most cheerful person they ever know.


At the hospital, Junsu go to the same ward of the woman. But there’s nothing left. Only a nurse, who is cleaning the room and the bed.

‘Where’s the patient here?’ Junsu asks slowly.

‘She recovered after the operation and now she is at attention ward to recover fully. Her potency had risen after the operation,’ a glance and the nurse walk away.

‘Attention ward,’ he get out from the room, run to the section where he fined that woman lying on a bed, looks more fresh than before.

‘Doctor, can I visit the patient? I’m her …friend.’

‘Yes, but not too long. She need more rest.’

‘Thank you.’

Junsu walk swiftly to her bed, putting a red rose beside her and play a love song at her ears.

‘I believe the song can make you wake,’ he smiles.

He observed her face for a while and touches her hand, muscular. Like she is an important and tough person.

‘What is her name?’

‘Time’s out, sir,’ a nurse wake him from inattentiveness.

‘Owh. Okay.’

From that moment, everyday Junsu come without any of his friends know.

He will do the same thing, put a red rose beside her and play a song.

Until one day, the woman opens her eyes suddenly.

‘Who are you?’ the first question comes out from her mouth.

Junsu shocked. ‘I’m…Junsu, Kim Junsu.’

‘Owh, I’m Hye-jin, nice to meet you,’ she smiles.

‘I will call the nurse,’ Junsu get out from the room, gasping air hardly.


Junsu push the wheelchair slowly to the park.

‘Thank you for take care of me,’ Hye-jin holds his hand.

‘I’ve promise before that I’ll take care you until you recover,’ he smiles.

They talk everyday and before Junsu go home, he will sing a love song for Hye-jin. Day by day, the love between them grows smoothly and both of them realize it but it’s too hard to say.

But it’s time for Hye-jin to continue her responsibility for her country. She left the hospital with a letter for Junsu, a letter saying goodbye and thank you.

~the letter~

Dear Junsu,

I’m sorry. I have to leave you. I need to…this is not because of you.

But because who I’m.

My job is very dangerous. I have much enemy and it’s really dangerous.

I’m sorry and thank you for everything.

I believe that we will meet again or never.


Suddenly, his tears drop on the paper.

‘Why?’ his heart shout as he run out from the hospital.


- A month later-

‘Where is Junsu?’

He’s still inside his room.’ Jaejoong explained while pouring some tea for himself.

Upon hearing that, Yunho stops in the mid-air. And he looks at Jaejoong as he can’t believe what he just heard.

‘But it’s 9.00 am! At this time, he usually quarrel or playing football with Changmin. What’s going on?’

‘It’s our day off today. And it’s his own way of relaxing. So let’s just leave him alone,’ Jaejoong utters.

‘But he hasn’t eaten yet. I’m really starting to get worried about him,’ Changmin says with a sigh.

‘He act like that since the day Changmin is discharge from hospital, almost a month,’

‘It’s has nothing to do with me,’ Changmin smirk.

‘Really? So, why he’s been totally strange all week? Yoochun say as he turns off his laptop.

Immediately he stands and knocks on Junsu’s door with Jaejoong following him.

‘Junsu? Are you still asleep?’ he asks while knocking the door non-stop.

‘One second and I’ll be there!’ a voice says from inside the room.

Seconds later, the door opened and Junsu appear in front of them acting innocent.

‘Morning hyung! What is it?’

‘Are you okay? Do you feel sick or anything?’ Jaejoong asks.

Junsu shake his head. ‘I’m okay. Nothing wrong with me. Why?’

‘Changmin said that you don’t take your meal yet. Why?’

‘I’m not hungry,’ Junsu looks uncomfortable.

‘Changmin is too concern,’

Changmin and Yunho looked at each other and start to walk closer to Junsu with quite a scary expression on their face.

‘Hey, what are you doing? I’ve told you, I’m fine!’ he suddenly closes the door.


‘He might end up locking himself for the rest of the day inside the room.’

‘That is so not like Junsu. Why would he hide anything from us?’

‘What should we do now? I’m worry about him. He might do something dangerous like hurt himself or something…what? I’m just saying he might!’ Changmin says when others are staring at him.

‘Plan A, it might work,’ Yoochun get up of the sofa and walks towards the room.

He then knocks the door and they hear a voice say,

‘What is it?’

‘Junsu, it’s Chunnie. Open up! I need to get something.’

‘Is it important?’

‘Yes, my phone. And…Kyo-hyun might call me any minute. Can I get it?’ he says slowly.

‘I can answer for you,’

‘Of course not!’ Yoochun glower.

There is silent. Then a click sound is heard. Yunho nods to others. The moment Junsu open the door; they all push towards the door until it opens. Junsu is so shocked, lost his balance and land on the floor.

‘Guys!!’ he screams.

The others looked around; trying to find the thing Junsu is trying to hide from them. Only Changmin helps Junsu to get up.

‘I couldn’t find anything,’ Yunho sighs.

‘I’ve told you, I’m hiding nothing,’ Junsu say slowly.

‘We’re sorry…we just worry about you, you look sleepy and tired, not like before.’

Junsu looks at his friends. But he remains silent. Jaejoong look at Yoochun and whispers, ‘Chunnie, do something! Help us, will you?’

But Yoochun shrugged his shoulders and choose to sit on bed. Suddenly, he sees something on the side table. Some pieces of paper, music scores and a vase of dry red roses.

‘Err…Junsu? What’s this?’

Jaejoong take the paper, a letter and read it.

Yoochun read the score that Junsu had composed, the love songs.

Junsu fall on the floor, try to hold his tears.

‘Nothing…if I tell you all…you will…’

‘We promise we will support you,’ Changmin help him to sit on the bed.

Junsu told them the whole story, from the start till the end.


‘From that moment, everyday I will write a love song and buy a red rose.’

Yoochun plays the song with the keyboard in the room. Sound so touching. So sorrow.

‘Nice song. Why don’t we make it as our song and who know, Hye-jin might know that it is you when she hear it.’ Yoochun face Junsu, smiling.

‘So, we really support you if you decide to find her,’ Yunho says.

‘Thanks guy,’ Junsu utters slowly.

‘Now, have your meals,’ Jaejoong bring in Bulgogi for Junsu.

‘Can I get some?’ Yoochun make his childish face.

‘Don’t disturb, hyung,’ Changmin pats him.


The mini-mart is empty and Yoochun accompany Junsu to buy his strawberry ice-cream, his favourite flavour.

When Junsu goes to pay to the cashier, Yoochun see a woman in formal dressing is buying a red rose. A figure he might know.

‘You wait here for a while. I will come later,’ Yoochun tells Junsu.

‘Don’t be too long.’


‘Are you Hye-jin?’ Yoochun asks the woman in front him.

She turn back ‘Yes, can I help you?’

‘I’m Kim Junsu’s friend, Yoochun. Can we talk for a while?’ Yoochun make his lovely smile.

‘Five minutes only. I’m in hurry,’ she smiles back.

‘This is why Junsu like you, petite, large brightening, slightly-round face,’ Yoochun say while they are walking at the corner.

‘How he do now? Did he know that you meet me?’ she smells the rose.

‘He’s not too okay. He always remembers you. He doesn’t know.’

‘Don’t tell him that you meet me today, please,’ Hye-jin tries to hold her tears.

‘But why? Why you treat him like this? I thought you loved him?’ Yoochun asks her.

‘Because I loved him. I love him too much, Yoochun. I don’t want him to suffer and keep giving hopes. He needs to forget me.’ she cries slowly.

‘Uljima, come and meet Junsu now. Stop torturing him again and again,’ Yoochun pull her hand into the mini-mart, where Junsu is waiting for him.


‘Junsu!’ a woman’s voice suddenly called out.

Junsu bold his eyes, try to believe the figure in front of him.

‘Hye-jin!’ he utters as tears starts to form in her eyes.

‘Uljima. A man can’t cry,’ she try to smile.

Junsu hurriedly walks up to her. And as soon he is near her, he quickly hugs her. ‘Please don’t go,’

‘I promise I will try my best to make it up to you. I will always take care of you. I will always be there for you,’ he utters.

Hye-jin doesn’t know what to say. ‘You’re making me cry again.’

‘Will you stay with me, a lousy girl and never leave me whatever happen, Kim Junsu?’ she smiles.

‘I love you, Hye-jin. I promise I will never let you go,’ he slowly nods.

Yoochun smile.


Tonight is the first date for Hye-jin. She is very fanatic and nervous than Junsu himself. She never has a date before as she busy with her work.

‘What should I wear?’ she opens her wardrobe, looking for the best dress she ever has.


They stop at one simple restaurant. Hye-jin look at Junsu, asking why they stop with her eyes.

‘Let’s get in,’ Junsu says as he pulls her hand. Without her knowing, Junsu already booked this restaurant for their dinner.

‘What’s your favourite food?’ Junsu asks while they are taking their seats.


The waiter comes and they make their order. Suddenly, the light is dimmed and a love song is played. The waiter brings a bouquet of red rose.

‘I love you,’ Junsu smiles.

‘I love you too. Thank for tonight,’ Hye-jin hugs him.


They are walking on the street when suddenly a group of man surrounds them. They are pushed into a dead end.

‘It’s okay. Everything is gonna be fine,’ Junsu try to smile even his heartbeat fastened.

Four of men grin to them. ‘Give me what you have, all. Hurry!’ one of them rushes to Junsu.

‘Hey, don’t push me!’ Junsu shout.

Hye-jin lost her patient, kick the man at his face until he fainted. She takes out her gun and shot the wall behind the men before point to them.

‘Go now or die,’ she whispers slowly.

Junsu lose his words.

‘This is my job. That’s why I leave you before,’ she keeps back her gun.

‘Thanks for saving me,’ he hugs Hye-jin.

‘I promise I will protect you as I live,’ a tear drop from her eye.


Hye-jin is finishing her work when the door is knocked.

‘Come in!’

‘Madam, a letter for you,’ a man hand them.

‘Thank you,’ she looks serious.

The letter has no name and address, even a stamp.

‘Who send this to me?’ she thinks.

Before she opens the letter, her handphone rings. She picks up the vibrating cellphone, check the name of the caller-the flashing name reads Junsu and answers the call.

‘Junsu, why?’

‘Have you eaten lunch yet? It’s already passed lunch time?’

‘Not yet. I’m very busy with works now. Don’t worry, I will eat now,’ she smiles.

‘I understand. Just make sure you eat okay. I don’t want you to get sick or anything. Look, I have to hang up now. Our manager is calling. Take care of yourself, okay?’

‘Goodbye then,’

‘Bye, I love you,’ a sound like kiss heard from the telephone before she hung up.

‘Both of us are very busy with works,’ she grins before open the letter.

She rolls her eyes, really shocked when she read the letter.


written in red ink.

Out of the blue she remembers back what had happen before. She had killed a leader criminal and gets two shots.


The truck is moving beside her. A man put his head out from the window,

‘I will come back for revenge, woman.’

She lies on the ground after two deadly shots.

But now, not the shot fright her but Junsu.


From that moment, Hye-jin becomes more furious. She feels like someone is following Junsu and her when they are out.

At last, she takes a very stupid decision. She needs to break with Junsu. For his sake. For his life. For her love to him.

‘What’s wrong with you? You look different. Your style today…’ Junsu asks one day when they are walking at the park.

‘Nothing,’ she smiles. She lies to her lover.

‘I have to become the most pretty for today. I won’t meet him again after this. I want him to remember this forever,’ she holds her tears.

‘Let’s get some ice-cream,’ he pulls Hye-jin’s hands to the stall.

‘No, I have something to tell you. We need to break up. Please find another girl. I’m sorry, I can’t make it anymore.’ Hye-jin drops her head to ground, try not to cry.

Junsu is dumbstruck by the sudden change. ‘Why…why...what’s wrong?’ he asks with his eyes filled with confusion.

‘Go away, Junsu. Leave me. We are not mean to be.’ she says hastily, even her heart shatters into a million pieces.

‘Why? You promised that you will never leave me, right?’ his eyes already red, his tears are about to come out any minute now.

‘I won’t leave you alone, never! I won’t forget the promise!’ her heart shouts.

‘Why?! I will never leave you,’ he shouts, his tears already streaming down his face. He never thought the person whom he loves so much will hurt him like this.

Hye-jin tries to put on a smile. ‘Nothing can change my mind even you know why. Fine, I will leave you.’

‘Why? Am I too childish for you? Because I can’t even protect myself? I’m not mature? Why are you doing this to me, Hye-jin? I thought you love me?’

He walks away from the place, wiping his tears.

Hye-jin starts to sob uncontrollably. ‘I’m sorry,’ she utters from back. ‘I have to protect you, with my live. I love you so much. Nothing can replace you easily.’ Somehow her heart is already bleeding. She wants to embrace him and comfort him. But it is better this way. He needs to learn how to live without her.

Suddenly, a van stops in front of them. Two men get out from it. Hye-jin notice it and rush to save Junsu.

Men point a gun to Hye-jin.

‘Keep your gun, miss,’ he laugh.

‘I will take him as ‘exchange’, wait for a phone call,’ he grabs Junsu neck and push him into the van, while other man smack and push Hye-jin to the ground. Bloods flow from her mouth.

‘No, don’t do that to her!’ Junsu shouts.

‘You shut up, man.’ He covers Junsu face with a black cloth.

‘Let him go. He has nothing to do with me, with this matter. Take me,’ Hye-jin tries to stand. Her knees bleed.

A glance and they leave that place as fast as they could.

Hye-jin grabs her handphone and calls Yunho.

‘Oppa! Forgive me!’ she cries.

‘What’s wrong with you? Where are you now?’

‘Someone kidnapped Junsu. At park,’

‘We’ll come, wait there. Uljima,’ Jaejoong says.


‘How it happen?’ Yoochun give her a cup of tea while Changmin helps Min-yue to treat Hye-jin’s wounds.

Hye-jin tells them everything.

‘That’s why they hunt for me now. It must not the leader, because I’ve shot him dead, maybe his men.’

‘What should we do now?’

‘Kyo-hyun, send me police station now. I’ve something to settle,’ Hye-jin stands up.

‘But your wounds…’

‘Don’t worry. I must keep my promise to protect Junsu as I live. The blood debt must be pay with blood too.’


‘Why you kidnapped me? There’s other famous artist you can take,’ Junsu try to loosen the tie.

‘Hey, kid. Don’t make jokes here. Let your lover come after you. Then I can kill both of you. Mission accomplish,’ he laugh.

‘What mission? I won’t let you do it.’ Junsu stares at him.

‘Stop dreaming. You can’t even protect yourself. After Hye-jin die, who will protect you?’

Junsu shocked. ‘Don’t you dare to say that? She won’t die. She had promise to protect me!’ Junsu loose the tie and slap the criminal.

The criminal lose his balance and land on the ground with a bleeding mouth and nose.

‘How dare you!’ he shouts back and kicks Junsu before he beats him continuously until Junsu lose the strength. Bloods flows from his head and everywhere.

‘What have you done to him? He can’t die or Hye-jin won’t come to us!’ a man walks into the room.

‘Sorry sir,’

‘A blood debt must be pay with blood,’ he laughs.

Junsu closes his eyes, remembering Hye-jin, the reason why she wants to break up with him. Remembering what she had done to him. He should protect her not she protect him. ‘I’m sorry, Hye-jin. I’m a useless boyfriend to you.’


~Two days after~

Hye-jin is at DBSK house when her phone vibrate, the unknown number call her.

She smiles weakly, ‘can’t I use your laptop a while, Yoochun?’

‘Yea, can you make a loudspeaker?’ Yoochun hands his laptop to Hye-jin.

‘I’ll try. Don’t make noise.’ She put on her headphone and answers the call, with her hand typing on the keyboard.

‘Hye-jin, do you miss Junsu oppa?’ a voice laughs.

‘Where is him? Let me talk to him!’

A short silent before a weak tone answer.

‘I’m okay, Hye-jin. I miss you. Don’t come here. Don’t listen to them. They will kill you,’ after that, a slap sounded. Changmin start to cry but Jaejoong instruct him to relax.

‘What do you want? Hye-jin keeps typing, try to control her feelings, her mind, her sad. Others are amazing with the way she works. Very steady.

‘I want you or this guy die!’ a last laugh before he hang up.

Hye-jin stops typing and holds her tears. Her eyes had swollen, after crying for almost two days. She gets up from the sofa and hand back the laptop to Yoochun.

‘I’ve got their place. I will go to them and save Junsu myself.’

‘Can you face them? They are not weak and they are many,’ Yunho pats her shoulder.

‘Believe in me. I’m a corp and this is my job. I believe in love,’ the last words from her and she’s gone through the opened door.

‘We need to help her,’ they looked to each other.


Hye-jin sits on the chair in her office, gasping for the last air. Collecting all the strengths.

She gazes at Junsu’s picture on her table and a vase of red roses. ‘I will come and save you.’

A man come in ‘your needs is ready, madam. Are you really want to go on yourself?’

‘Yea. And nothing can stop me,’ she stand up, wearing her outfit and locking her guns on her clothes. She picks up the picture and put it at her pocket, near her chest. ‘I’m coming.’

The venue is the same place where Hye-jin shots the criminal, unused factory near a sea. Very peace but dangerous.

She walks in alert, noticing any humans in it.

‘Eat now or you will hungry,’ a man shouts.

‘No, you think I’m a dog? This food is for you actually!’ Junsu shouts.

‘Junsu,’ her heart snap.

She touches the picture before take her gun and burst into the room, blast everybody inside it except Junsu.

‘Are you okay? Is it hurt?’ Hye-jin touches his face, his wounds, caringly.

‘I’m very okay, I miss you. I’m sorry,’ Junsu holds his tears.

‘Haish, uljima. I’ve some works to solve, you wait for me here. Don’t go anywhere, we need to solve our problem later,’ she wipes his tears.

Junsu raise his head towards Hye-jin.

‘My girlfriend is very cool!’ his heart shouts.


Hye-jin reaches another room, with a man sitting on a chair and his men standing around him.

‘Hi, Hye-jin. We meet again after almost a year you kill my brother,’ he utters.

‘Your brother?’

‘Yes, my brother. Do you still remember him? Don’t say that you’ve forgot the incident, the case that make you coma for 3 month.’ He stands and walks towards her.

‘Of course I remember. A victory where I’ve kill the biggest criminal,’ she shouts.

A slap at her face make bloods flow from her mouth.

Junsu is hiding beside the wall, watching the scene. ‘Owh, it’s hurt!’

‘Why don’t you just kill me when I’m in coma?’ Hye-jin wipes her blood.

‘Because that famous artist is taking care of you! He fails my plan to stop your oxygen supply and change the poisonous pink roses!’

Junsu rolls his eyes. ‘This man is very dangerous!’

‘I don’t care. Today I want to make a recount with you; a blood debt must be pay with blood.’

He instructs his men to go out from the room.

Junsu picks someone phone and call her hyungs.

‘Hyung, help us now. Bring the police here.’

‘We are here already.’ Jaejoong claps Junsu’s shoulder.

Changmin hugs him before Yunho says ‘long time I don’t fight.’

Suddenly, the criminal men see them and burst to five of them.

‘No one is going to hurt my hyung again!’ Changmin shouts before he kicks one of them.

‘Why don’t you use this?’ Jaejoong and Yoochun smile, picking the guns on the ground, start to outburst the criminals.

On the other room, Hye-jin is facing her death.

‘We’ll fight. Only one person can walk out from this room. We use our own way,’ he smile.

Hye-jin takes a deep breath, whispering ‘always keep the faith. I will protect you until the end, Junsu. I love you very much.’

She pulls her guns and start to shot the criminal continuously but nothing happen.

‘Shot more. I can’t feel anything,’ he laughs before blast Hye-jin at her arm.

She realizes that the man is wearing a gun-proof shelter. While holding her bleeding arm, she pulls a sword, which is located on the wall.

‘Samurai way. I love it,’ a frightening feel in his voice.

Junsu stands amazingly to see Hye-jin fighting, hoping that she will be okay. The police had arrest all other criminal while four of them is talking.

‘How much have you shot, Chunnie?’ Jaejoong asks.

‘Two only.’

‘I shot four,’ Changmin grins.

‘I only one,’ Yunho sighs.

‘Same like me. Is it okay, we kill people?’

‘Min-yue said okay if the people make a big mistakes like them and should be killed,’ Changmin point to the criminal.

‘Where is Hye-jin and Junsu?’


After fighting for five minutes, both of them get exhausted.

‘Can’t you make it in peace?’ Junsu come forward.

‘No!’ Hye-jin pushes Junsu away when that man pat his sword towards.

Hye-jin steps forward and strike her sword into the criminal body.

He lied on the ground, moaned.

‘I’m sorry. You shouldn’t follow your brother’s steps. Become a criminal is nothing,’ she throw the sword and Junsu hugs her.

‘Thank you for saving me. I love you.’

‘I’ll protect you until I die, I promise. I love you too.’

‘Another perfect love ending for us, is it?’ Yoochun smile.

‘We are the left one,’ Jaejoong looks at Yunho.

‘Changmin got Min-yue; Yoochun had Kyo-hyun, Junsu with Hye-jin,’

‘Love will come for us,’ Yunho sighs.

Without anyone realize, the criminal is still alive. He grabs the gun near and tries to shot Junsu. ‘You should feel losing the people that you love.’

Hye-jin sees and turns her body to save Junsu from the deadly blast.

A gunshot is once heard again and Junsu with Hye-jin break apart.

‘Hye-jin!!!’ Junsu shouts.

Hye-jin fell on her back, with blood coming out from her back.

‘I’m sorry. I can’t be with you anymore. I can’t protect you anymore,’ says Hye-jin weakly.

‘No, don’t leave me again.’ Junsu cries.

‘Uljima, I’m sorry, for loving you,’ her hands fell off Junsu’s grab. Slowly she closes her eyes.


Junsu cries uncontrollably and scream his heart out up to the point where all other members of Dong Bang Shin Ki rush to his side and give him a group hug and pat him continuously wishing that he will calm down.

‘CUT! A great work today, guys!’ Mr. Chun-soo, the director, smiles so brood.

‘At last, we can relax,’ Jaejoong grins.

Mr. Chun-soo smirks. ‘Nice work Dong Bang Shin Ki and Shim Hye-jin. A long rest for you before the promotion. Thank you for all the cooperation given.’

‘Let’s go into the car. The air here is so cold. You might fall in sick, you know,’ Junsu pull her hands.

‘Our honeymoon, don’t forget,’ Hye-jin point the artificial gun to Junsu’s head.

‘Of course I won’t forget it,’

‘Don’t forget about us!’ Yunho shouts.

All of a sudden, Hye-jin’s phone rings. Junsu answer it as Hye-jin is cleaning her make-up.

‘Madam, a new case. A murderer takes a woman as his redemption.’

‘Oh, I will tell her,’ Junsu sighs.

‘Okay, Hye-jin, we need to go home. You get a new case,’

‘Hmm, sing me a love song and we’ll go.’

‘Do you want a woman get killed because of that?’

‘Okay, okay,’ Hye-jin sighs.

‘My wife is cool!’ Junsu’s heart shouts.

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