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Let's Play 10 Things-4th Thing
Sunday, February 26, 2012
For 4th thing, I just copy Kak Farahin punya. Cause everything I want to say, she already said.

10 things I wanted to say to a person:

1. I still love you and I hate myself for still loving and remembering you
2. Honestly, I wanted to see you again
3. I keep on looking for your profile but I guess that you have changed everything about yourself and I hate myself for still wishing to know and find out about you.
4. I know that there will never be anything between us but still, we will always have something.
5. We have our friendship but I guess I freaked you out too much for you to notice and love our friendship.
6. You are a jerk cause you never care and you are selfish; always thinking about yourself but never about mine.
7. However, I really wish that I can see you again but when that time comes, I want to be able to stand strong and proud.
8. Strong and proud because although I still love you, I am able to get on with life, enjoy it and live it.
9. Although I still miss you, but deep inside, I know that you don't cause you don't even care about me.
10. So I will just keep this feeling in my heart forever but I know and hate myself for still caring for you.

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