The songs from a person called human.

p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
Thursday, December 27, 2012
Before departing to Alor Setar, I'm going to write a few words here....
It might be some reminders for me,myself and to anyone who read it, especially my friends...
Mind the grammar or what...

Do you know....Do you know???
Do you know what it feels like
loving someone that's in a rush to throw you away.
Do you know ?
Do you know what it feels like
to be the last one to know the lock on the door has changed.

No, you don't know.

And I hate Human the most...before... is not something that you can hold...
You must learn to let it go.

My friends, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I traveled each and every highway

If you are a student, why don't you just concentrate on your study?
I know, because I'm also a student...
The feeling of want to be loved is always there, right?
So why don't just love your parents?
Why don't you just obey their wishes?
The wishes that you will become someone valuable even for a man to have.
Can't you?

If you want me to love you, yes I can.
But can you love me the way I do?
If you want me to spend hours with you, yes I can
But can you do the same thing to me?
If you want to be with me, yes I can
But will you marry me?
No, you won't.

I have my parents to be filial to.
I have my sister to raised to.
I'm not rich and beautiful.
But can you love me the way I am?
No, you can't.

Seriously, I don't want to live in nightmares.
Just like other girls out there.
It might not come out perfect,
but I will try to make perfect.

I don't care if you hate me or whatever,
I don't care if you want to fight me or what,
But once you are here with me, I'll protect and comfort you at my ease.
Be my friend and you sure will learn it.
I'm not the one who talk a lot to others but I can be amusing.
I don't want to be a friend when you are happy, but you can find me when in trouble.
I won't be there to celebrate you, but I'll try to wipe your tears, my friends.
I don't care if you want to leave me alone, cause I'm a loner.

p/s: here is one of my favorite poems in Malay. Read it with your mind and soul, my friends.

Masihkah Kau Bermain Seruling ~ Zurinah Hassan

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
walau waktu telah terlewat untuk kita bercinta
aku semakin terasa bersalah
melayani godaan irama
lagu yang tersimpan pada lorong halus buluh
dikeluarkan oleh nafas seniman
diukir oleh bibir
diatur oleh jari
dilayangkan oleh alun angin
menolak ke dasar rasa.

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
ketika kampung semakin sunyi
sawah telah uzur
waktu jadi terlalu mahal
untuk memerhatikan hujan turun
merenung jalur senja
mengutip manik embun
menghidu harum bunga.

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
ketika aku terasa mata bersalah
untuk melayani rasa rindu padamu
di kota yang semakin kusut dan tenat
adik-adikku menganggur dan sakit jiwa
bangsaku dipecahkan oleh politik
saudara diserang bom-bom ganas
dunia sudah terlalu tua dan parah.

Di sinilah berakhirnya percintaan kita
kerana zaman sedang menuntut para seniman
hidup di luar dirinya.

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