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60 Seconds
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

60 seconds,
Everything passed just like the pouring rain,
60 seconds,

The snow keep falling in the beam of sunlight,

60 seconds,

Is enough for this story,

A story that is enough for me.

‘I think I just listen to hyung’s 60 Seconds.’
‘I think there is falling snow outside and I fall asleep.’
‘But where am I now? Rainy day?’ he wakes up from a large grassy field.

He keeps walking along the roadside, watching the runway.

‘Where am I? Is this Korea?’ he asks himself now.

Walking pass through a small town, a café.

‘Are you…?’ a girl open the door.

‘You…you know me?’

She stares into him.

‘Where am I?’

‘Here is…Malaysia. How did you get here?’

‘I…don’t know.’

‘Come in. Have some coffee. Surely it is cold outside.’ She pulls him inside.

She takes a towel and dries his hair then covers him with her sweater. Her hand runs a cup of coffee on the table and some bread.

‘Want to share me the story? By the way, my name is…’ the last word he can’t listen too well.

‘I just listen to Sunggyu hyung’s 60 seconds, I fell asleep then I realized that I’m in the deep rain.’ He sighs. ‘The time seems to be stopping now.’

‘But why are you here? In this small town in Malaysia?’ she looks deep into his eyes.

He is captivated with her looks. ‘Have I ever met you before?’

Since that day, a story is created. Everything runs just as the time had stopped.

He stayed at the nearest place to the café, saying that his hyungs do not contact him since he is here. Everyday, they will do the chores together, walking together and sometimes she will take him to visit interesting place in Malaysia.

‘I wish we can go to i-City. Have you heard that?’ she asks one day after finishing her works at the café.

‘Should we visit it?’ he asks her eventhough he already see it at the first place.


‘Wow, look at those lamps, trees, colorful!!!!’ he cheered.

‘Actually …’ her voice disappeared in the crowd, again he cannot listen.

‘Should we ride that giant spinning top wheel?’ she asks.

‘You go first. I’ll watch from here.’ He smiles in the beam of lights.

It starts spinning. For the first 60 seconds, he shouts to her. For the next 60 seconds, she can’t find him at the place. For 60 seconds, he sees the snow falling. The last 60 seconds, she hears someone is shouting to her that he love her.

‘I love you.’ He gasps, running towards her.

‘I can’t see you just now. I can’t see…for 60 seconds’ she looks upon him, deeply.

‘I can see the falling snow.’

‘Is it the time? Is the next 60 seconds, you will disappeared?’ she grabs him.

‘Let’s rest under the tree, we will be alright.’ He caresses her.

‘Why don’t you listen to that 60 Seconds again?’ she asks.

He pulls her hand and put in a ring. ‘Now listen.’

She puts her earphones to him and plays the song.

The time starts to spin. 10 seconds, he remembers everything, everything. She is real, she is mine… she was. 20 seconds, he remembers being with her. 30 seconds, he remembers how she threw the ring to him, how he left her crying under the tree, in the deep snow. Now he is crying in the snow, it is too late. She said she is hurting.

The earphones fall onto her lap with the tears. ‘I love you.’

‘Only 60 seconds and you will forget me.’ The last sentence before she left him.

Only 60 seconds, everything spins accordingly but the ending will never be guess.

‘Are you okay? Laying in the snow by yourself?’ his hyung shakes his shoulder.

‘She was here, I was there. Hyung, I was there just now. In 60 seconds, everything is in 60 seconds. She’s gone.’ He cries loudly gripping the ring in his hand.


‘You don’t know her?’


‘I will surely find you.’

A year passed…

He stops in front of the café, the same café that he was in before. The girl suddenly bursts out and gasps in the fresh rainy breeze. Their eyes meet. His is at a loss of words, keep staring at the girl. The time stops again. He continues to stare at his feet before realizing that the girl already gets into the café. He yells but…the setting is still the same, nothing change. A waitress comes and asks for an order.

‘A cup of coffee, please.’

She walks through him and passes the cup onto his table. His head is still away from her.

‘She doesn’t remember me? It is the same person.’

60 seconds passed…

He stands up and put the ring on the table.

Ready to leave.

‘Sir, your thing.’ Suddenly a hand softly stops him.

He looks upon her eyes deeply. She is stumbled and suddenly hugs him.

‘I’m sorry. I love you.’ He muttered and smiles.

‘Keep this ring. It is always yours.’ He opens the umbrella and walks out.

‘I’ll treasure this not-so-short meet.’

The pieces of my memory, if among them, just one, just one moment became strength to me.

‘Hyung, those 60 seconds was to remind me of her.’ He whispers to his elder hyung.

‘To remind me that I love her, in the different time and place.’

60 seconds is all I need for this story, you disappeared from my life.

This story is created in 60 seconds in my mind. And only in that time the idea really come alive. But after that, it disappear on the next 60 Seconds

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