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My first semester?
Monday, April 29, 2013
While waiting for my downloads of One Fine Day to finish, I do some blog walking to my friends' blogs and thus, looking at how they wrote about their study life. So should I write some? Eventhough it seems late but better than never, isn't it?

I'm a current student of Diploma in Information Management, UiTM.
And this is a story about me and my studies.

First of all, these are my friends a.k.a. my classmates for this semester.

This during our faculty's sports day. By the way, our faculty is known as INFORMA.

Before taking our class photos.

Now, SMILE!!!! Candid version. Credit to Raja.

It seems like awkward for our first time meeting but then we can get along together.
Fighting? Of course there is. I mean are. But sometimes, I do think, it might behalf on me. My faults.

For my lecturers, I don't really think I have their pictures. Sorry.

And my roommates.
Peace, that's me. On top, Wanie, in front her, Hajar and Eyka.

And I guess I can say that they are my best friends here.

Dayah is what I called her. The closest to me, I guessed.

Jijie...Photogenic...I envied her cause she stayed at the ground floor.

My hand-phone's camera works really good. This is on our first day of our lectures. From left: Jijie, Kirah, Eyka and Fatin. Dayah is outside of the picture, photo-phobia, like me.

And not to forget, my neighbor, Aien. She said she is going to celebrate my birthday when the next semester is starting. Seriously, I rejects those ideas of violations.

Love to trick people, including me. But she is a kind-hearted person.

By the way, this two are roommates.

Another person, before I totally forget. Lydia, a pre-law student.

She is the first person that takes me to Chatime with other 2.

Jijie, a photo-mania.

The next is I'm going to spam this post with photos. Sorry if trouble to load.

Stuck in rain after dinner.

Resting after a fearful outing. Hot chocolate and New York cheese cake.


Pre-lawrians in the library.

The day we present our project. The best group in ranking.

My group, we discussed about Khazanah Nasional Berhad. Second of the best.

When the exam is near, this is my close friend.

A view from neighbor's window. It is a very hot "summer" here.

While waiting for the class. Smile eventhough it is tired.

Credits to the owner. All pictures are taken by my handphone. Thank you.

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