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A Dedication.
Monday, May 13, 2013
This very evening, I take some, not really some, a lot to read my friend's blog. For such a long time I haven't see it, today I'm going to digest everything from there and here is my dedications and words for her.

Her name Anis Khairunnisa with a blog titled This is not awesome..^^
Actually that is awesome, at least to me.
At some moment, I do really want to cry while reading those posts.
Those pictures of pizzas really good and I don't even remember when I have a corner of "5 Things about Me."

My friend, there are a lot of thing that we can wish for, what we can dream of but not all will really become a reality and some of it might turn into nightmares. We might wish for others a happiness but that is not what they truly need. What they need is a strong will. A strong will not to standing on own feet but to stand along with others. As we're growing, there are a lot of challenging new things that force us to try it on ourselves but do remember, at the second you feel like loosing, you are not alone. At the second you feel like there is no one to help you, held out your hands and shout. There is a crowd of people who love you more than you love them. And here I am, standing by your side. Even if you're alone, remember me at the moment. Live your life bravely and take care of your health. I love you.

That is it for now. See you then again.

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