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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
While doing a research for my assignment on Islamic Civilization, I found this book which seems me. So, I'm going to extract the most simple things from it so we, people, can understand and practice it in the real life.

Title: MegaTrait 12 Traits of Successful People
Author: Doris Lee McCoy, PhD.

This book illustrates how you can incorporate the traits of the successful into your life. They discovered the rewards of success...and so can you.

She concluded that real success is a high degree of fulfillment in several ideas: mental, social, physical, spiritual and emotional. It is not static; it is a continuing process of discovering more of one's potential.

The trait she found most consistently in successful people is

1. They enjoy their work
2. They have high self-esteem and a positive attitude
3. They use negative experiences to discover their strengths
4. They are decisive, disciplined goal-setters
5. They have integrity and help others to succeed
6. They are persistent
7. They take risks
8. They have developed good communication and problem-solving skills
9. They surround themselves with competent, responsible, supportive people
10. They are healthy, have high energy and schedule time to renew
11. They believe in God, a higher power and sometimes just plain luck
12. They have a sense of purpose and a desire to contribute to society

Another characteristics of the Successful

- Many challenge traditional concepts
- They are constantly coming up with innovative, fresh ideas
- They are able to shift gears easily
- Age is not a barrier to their starting new companies
- They continue, even in their late years, to be productive, many choosing not to retire until long after the n    
   traditional age
- They continue to schedule time for their education

There are a lot that we can quote from this book but I include the one that I liked the most as I'm trying to top over my assignments.

Whatever you are assigned to do, do it very well. Don't spend all your time on the [present] job trying to get to the next job...I think people hurt themselves, and they're not effective when they're doing that.
                                                                                                            -Philip Caldwell

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