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Information Management: A Disclose
Thursday, June 27, 2013
First of all, I want to say thank you to Kak Shasha because she really give a big hand to me in understanding this course. This idea of this entry is partially taken from her blog which I hope can help everyone out there to understand what IM is. A little bit about kak Shasha, she already graduated from this course in Diploma and currently studying in UiTM Shah Alam in the same course for Degree level. She obtained the Dean List for every semester and made her qualified to achieve Vice-Chancellor’s Award. This is her second post about IM which is updated from the previous one. And I’m using Windows Live Writer for the first time. The post is in Malay and I translated them into English version to enhance my English skill but seriously you will find a lot of grammar mistakes, sorry for that. The original one is available in the credit at the bottom. This might sounds weird but that is the reality I'm living in for now.

Diploma in Information Management, UiTM (IM110)

Okay, back to the main title. First of all, in this diploma of IM, you will learn a lot of new things, which mostly do not contained in SPM. You won’t find Biology, Chemistry, Literature, extreme Mathematics and Physical Education. In the gist, everyone starts with zero. About the score in SPM, how you score them with flying colors don’t really help but the study skills perhaps will give some helping hands when it comes to examinations. But mostly people start from the bottom. Everyone is at the same level when in first semester. it just when it comes to the second semester, we will know who can excel based on the previous semester and people will change you name into “Dekan” if you are one of it. Sounds like we are freaks.
Generally, the contents of this course included Library and ICT. Not only ICT okay? We will learn a lot about library and Information Agencies, Archive, Record Centers, Resource Center and Information Center. Seriously each of them is different. Every semester, those are compulsory to be implanted into the brain. Besides, let me list some of the skills in this DIM:

For her(kak Shasha), a lot of things she had learn during the study. She don’t even expect to learn a lot of things. We can say that DIM is general, not only focusing on one thing. But the root is still the information.

Why we need to learn to design the web?
So that we can create our own web to distribute information to others using Internet.

Why we need to learn to setup the computer?
Because the world today really rely a lot to computer to find the information. It would be beneficial to know the basic of the software and the components of the computer. At least, we can use this skill to avoid being gullible when buying a laptop.

Why we need to learn the communication and public speaking skills?
Because to spread the information through words and that needs the right way to hold.

Why need to make the magazine, poster and newsletter?
Because those are the medium to spread the information.


Some Information about DIM :

There are a lot of people asking about the future of the graduate from this course. Even my parents too. DIM sounds like… “what is that?” When people asking, “what is the course you’re taking in university?” me saying DIM is too… unless you state engineering, medics and so on but IM? To make sure people understand them will cut half of your day. Now, I’ve been familiar with the situation. And even though IM is not that famous, I can say most of the graduate is not jobless. Why? Because anyone in this major can work in any sector. But not everyone in another major, for example accountancy, can work in this sector. I’ll quote the most simple example. An IM major student can work as a banker or officer in a bank but an accountant in the bank or a company can’t work as a librarian or a record manager. For your information, there is no record manager in Malaysia. This is based in a research conducted by UiTM student majoring in IM itself. But anyway, “rezeki di tangan Allah, itu semua rahsia Dia.”

That's all about Information Management a.k.a Pengurusan Maklumat. Might sound hard and challenging isn’t it? but I can say it is really enjoying as you will learn on how to become a professional. I’m currently in second semester at UiTM Kedah. Perhaps I can update more about the post in the future. I really hope this post can help you figure out your curiosity about this course and to choose your future. Any questions can be asked in the comments below or you can directly ask Kak Shasha, as she is a senior of me. InsyaAllah, will be replied in a short time.

p/s : If the readers want some example of the notes to see whether this course really suit you or not, you might request   below together with you email or for some privacy you can email me at or go straight to Kak Shasha at

Credits: Kak Syasya Yatim’s blog.

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