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Speaker Center
Thursday, June 27, 2013
Before I go home tonight, I would like to write something about Speaker Center.

Based on my experience, I've heard a lot of people talking about a place in the university where students can do the public speaking. Well most of the university are at the overseas.

But here it come, in Malaysia. I've encounter one in my own university called Speaker Center. Eventhough it just being held for only 2 weeks but seriously the idea is cool.

So, I really thank UiTM Kedah and the organizers for getting this idea of implementing the public speaking among the students. I really hope that this can be made into tradition and being held for the whole year.

I've get an opportunity to attend a session of them because only that time I don't have any class and the title is Participation of the Scholar in the Politics, by the president of the Debate Club, Azad Ashraf from Public Administration department. He got all the points and I wish the time given can be extended cause the period is for only 30 minutes include Q&A session.

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