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Illiterate Rate in Malaysia
Sunday, July 28, 2013
When I was in one of my lecture class for IMD 156, my lecturer said that Malaysia don't have anyone who cannot read. Well, I disagreed with that statement. Why, because I lived in a community which still have 1% who can't read. And I opposed to him, which made me did an extra homework to bring those evidences to proof my disagreement.

Then I made a call to my mom, verifying the statement. Yes, it is true.
But why it is not stated in any report or statistic?
My mom said it might because the headmaster want to protect his/her school's reputation.
Later I went through some newspaper articles and I saw that me is true. About 5% of the PLKN participants can't read or write.

I gathered all the evidences I got and waited for the tutorial class with the very same lecturer.
And he forgot.
Lastly, I went to him with my friend, bringing all those evidences.
He then said, yes there are some who still can't read or write.
He admitted but why he gave a justified statement that there is no person in Malaysia who can't read or write?
Fortunately, I brought my assignment's drafts.

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