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Friday, August 23, 2013
Praise to Allah that we Muslims have finished fasting and celebrated Eid for almost 15 days till this post published.
And me, I don't really have a lot to tell about my Eid but the only thing I love about Eid is I can rest while eating almost everything!
I got to leave a week before Eid to help my family made a preparation and this year we decided to celebrate Eid at our house in Kedah because I only have 3 days holiday after Eid and then I have to go back into university. And the rest will continue to celebrate at Perak.
Baju Raya? I had 4 for my own. Too much? Yes, because I can use them to go to the classes.
Every of them is just plain except the one that my mom bought for me. It, at least got some decorations on it.

And here I am, residing in my room, completing a bulk of assignments during Eid.
But I never regret it as I'm willing to come here earlier than others. I believe those days without people were the best time ever I had while living here.
Did I mention before, I was short- listed as a candidate for MPP...please google if you want to know more about it.
And I happily taking that responsibility before election and on last week's weekend, I had my first CMPP program for Zon Utara organized by UiTM Perlis at Kem BTN Ulu Rengas, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.
Participants are from UiTM Perlis, Pulau Pinang, Kedah and Perak (Sri Iskandar and Tapah).
Actually I perhaps can say that this camp is my first time attending a leadership camp, I mean the serious one. I make a lot of friends and the most important thing is I learn on how to be a reliable leader and the virtues of the leadership. I make some changes too, improving what I'm lacking and I realized that a lot of students from Faculty of Information Management did have a good job opportunity. I made them my Idols!

After returning from the camp, I continued my life with those bunch of assignments again and I really need some sleep and I think I get a slight fever until this post is produced but just ignore it. It will get better in time.
And another good news is I'm qualified to go to the second program of CMPP for the whole UiTM and get the opportunity to meet with Ayahanda Vice Chanselor!!!!
To all alumni that interviewed me, thank you for giving me a lot of chance to prove myself that I can be a leader, Thank You!!!
But the bad news that follow is the baddest one. Our INFORMA Dinner will be held during the camp!!! and I can't attend it. It is the worst as I'm really excited to attend the event and all Dean List are not required to pay for fee!!!! Mom asked me to send someone on my behalf so that the money won't be wasted. Poor me and my friend who is also CMPP...anyways responsibility comes first.

People will request for pictures but I'm sorry because my line is very slow that even to post this, I need to refresh about 10 times.

I will stop till here then, and if I have some other time, I'll update with pictures. And please ignore my bad grammar.

A sister I met there. From UiTM Perlis, a degree student.

My group which I can say, the best I ever get when outdoor?

another classmate

CMPP UiTM Kedah!!!!!!!

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