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A Moment When There Was No Teacher In My Class
Friday, October 18, 2013
While reading some poems, watching some movies and playing games, I remembered something that change my thinking back in my secondary school age. It was a story that have a question in the end and I answered it right. And of course every story have a lesson.

While waiting for the last few minutes, I finished my writing before the class end.
There was no class after that, the teacher was not around. I don't really remember what class it was.
Time's up. Yes, no class!!! But my friends already made noise about the counselor who was walking from the other class into my class. Everyone was sad and disappointed by the fact that they can't sleep and had to listen to nag.
But me, I was wide awake. That counselor helped me solved my problem before and I knew, she will give us something today, I spoke to myself.
She came in and smiled, saying that we don't have class and she will fill the empty. Hahahhaahha.

"I have a story to tell you." She said while writing something on the whiteboard.
My place was at the first row, in the middle of the class, so she stood in front of me.
The story was like this, well much alike...unless they was told in Malay and maybe I add some points that were untold.

There was a man, working at petroleum plant, as a lower level worker.
One day, he saw a glass of water on a table in the rest room. He wanted to drink the water in the glass but his superior came in and grabbed the glass.
"You can't drink this water inside this glass, you low-level people. You don't have any eligibility to even hold it !!!" his superior arrogantly shouted to him, took the glass and drank half of the water before got out from the room.
"The glass is half full, not half empty." He said then he quit his job.

What he did was he applied to continue his study in petroleum field until he held a degree in his hand.
He went back to the old place, not as a mere worker but an engineer.
One day, his former superior came into his room to ask for a leave. He didn't know his new boss was once his worker.
"Sir, can I have a leave?" he said but when he saw the face, he suddenly looked down to the floor.
"Oh, you, sir. Sit down please." The engineer said, pouring half a glass of water.

My counselor paused for a second, she asked the question. For me, a very good good question.
"What do you think he will do, will he shouted angrily or don't give the man a leave?"
Almost half of the class said, yes, he will get mad and said something bad for treating him like that before.
"No, he will forgive him and say thank you." I automatically answered. Yeah, I put myself in the engineer's place.

"Yes, he said thank you for teaching him a lesson in his life. The glass is always half full and the other half, we ourselves need to fill it." she said while seeing me in my eyes. She smiled.

"Always remember, everything that happen in the middle of our days, treat them in positive ways, positive thinking and make them as a motivation for you to be a better person."
She said thank you and walked out from the class, Time's up.

Seriously, this story really meant a lot to me. A story that I won't forget for the rest of my life.
A story that guided me to be a positive man and see everything in positive way.
A story that teach me to say thank you to people who treat me badly and forgive them.
Nobody's perfect.

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