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A Poem to Share.
Friday, October 18, 2013
It is a book of poems by Baha Zain, Menangguhkan Kebenaran dan Sajak- Sajak Lain, which has been translated into English (Postponing Truth and Other Poems), later into Spanish (Posponiendo La Verdad Y Otros Poemas).

These collection of poems are mainly about life- I don't really know to write a review on book.
And there are a lot of poems that I liked.
Here is one of them. I'll post others later.

Notas de la Historia

Debera vivir por diez siglos
Y atestiguar cada guerra
Cada victoria
Y luego sentarse a escribir la historia
Muy probablemente escribiria entonces:
El hombre meramente persiste
En su lucha contra la muerte.

Notes from History

Should he live for ten centuries
And witness every single war
Every single victory
And then sit down to write a history
Most probably he would write thus:
Man merely persists
In his struggle towards death.

- Baha Zain

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