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It's the End for 2nd Semester!!!
Wednesday, October 9, 2013
As I'm posting this, I'm celebrating myself by re-watching King's 2 Hearts as it is the end of the second semester here!!! And I'm using someone's broadband that has no password and automatically connected to my laptop. Thank you!!!
I wish I can go out and celebrate with my classmates but no money then no business. and I don't want to be happy to the top of the world as the result is not out yet. Anyways, we still have time in next semester. And money too...And actually, I can't do the last paper. Seriously, it is beyond expectation of difficulty but I've tried my best and the rest, I'll pray for God's help. Therefore, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!! eventhough it is as short as my hair.

Last but not least, Happy Belated Birthday to my one and the only sister, Nur Syakira Ismail for becoming 16 and to Yazmin Jazmal a.k.a Taubah Rewa Jemali for upcoming birthday, which is tomorrow, Happy Upcoming Birthday, becoming 17. To both of you, grow up nicely and be good people. Never forget who we are and always try your best in everything. Don't easily give up and always remember that Allah is always there to help. May Allah bless you all always and may you live in peace and prosperity.

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