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p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
Now the second semester's result...
Friday, November 1, 2013
A date that makes my heart, mind and soul shakes like not-so-shaking...
It is a date that my 2nd semester come out and it is today.
As many students of UiTM may know, the result will be emailed to the student at the midnight and in the portal that can be accessed at 9 a.m.
Well, my email reach me at 1 a.m. =.=
But it worth waiting thought...and I got another Dean List.
Here is an attachment of the result. Again, NOT TO SHOW OFF but to share this happiness with people all over the world!!!okay, that is over-reacted.

For me, this is a happy thing that my mom said, share and tell people about it so they might feel happy and achieve them too. But mom, some people are just envying and bad-mouthed me.
While I'm writing this, my laptop is not behaving to me today. Seriously I can't pin my items to the taskbar and...I don't know. I'm really stressed and felt like slapping this laptop.
Enough with that.

First of all, thank you to my lecturers for being friendly while marking my papers. Thank you very much.

Second, to my parents, dad, thanks for the advises and support, mom, thanks for home-made food. Sister too, for troubling me all the time.

Next, to my friends. My roomate, Dayah, thank you for teaching me life-lessons and made me realized a lot of thing. I'm sorry if I irritate you so much but you too annoyed me a lot. I'm a jealous person, take note. Hahahhahahaha.

To Yasmin, thank you for letting me stay at your room, making noise and watch movie there for hours.

Jijie, for lending your ears to me, and cry with me. Seriously, the other person who will cry when I cry is my mom, if I make mistakes and if I'm not mistaken. Thank you for everything and make me realize that I'm an egoist. Well, seriously I am egoist. It will take time for me to change. Please be patient with me, okay?

And to everyone who are not mentioned here, thank you.

Oh I forgot to mention Anis, seriously this is for you. Thank you, my sweetheart. For accompanying me while I'm studying, eating, walking and for everything. Thank you. I wish this will encourage you to perform well in your course. I really wish for it and pray that I can go to meet you. I miss you.
Last but not least, to Allah, for giving me chances to redeem my mistakes before. Thank you for blessing me and love me, who are not even worth Your bless. Thank you.

And as the ending, I wish I can get another DL for the next semester, of course. And to my friends, let's meet again next semester. Please forgive my grammar mistakes, okay?

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