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PMDS Nov 2013 - Apr 2014 session
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Sorry for a very very very late post. It is because I make some efforts to gather all photographs from the session and perhaps I will be able to post them here. About 3 weeks before my semester break end, I received a text saying that I'm selected as one of the PM. It stand for Pemimpin Mahasiswa for Minggu Destini Siswa UiTM. I get to stay at Mahsuri 2 with Yasmin Jazmal, the nearest place to Dewan Perdana, perhaps. But before the MDS run, we need to go through a week training, as to handle a massive number of new students is not a smiling job. We need to build our stamina and skills, sounds tough. After registration, we meet each other and get to know each other. I already know some of them, as they were my former PM when I'm a freshman. But there are a lot them I don't know. Then we went to Paya Pahlawan, Jitra, for an intensive training. We did a lot of things eventhough we were just one day camping there. For me, it was something that is very precious, something that you won't get from just anywhere. We did "kayak", crossing the lake using just rope and safety jacket. I'm a aqua phobic therefore doing that required massive brave from me. Then on the next day, we went to jungle tracking and hiking. Early in the morning, it was raining but then it stopped. We walked into Kampung Budaya until the end of the village before we hiked into the jungle. Not a real one but still, there were a lot of mosquitoes around. Because I'm someone who afraid to get injured and wounded, so I did really well in that event but Yasmin...screams were there and here. She got some cuts and thorns on both hands which I removed when we were done there and torn her track suit. Hmmmm. Well, never mind. Finished there. I felt that everything that I learned from Outward Bound Kesatria were useful at all!!! Then we have some games between our groups before we departed and it was really really really fun!!! Thank you to my group members who was very sporting and to our trainer, our senior and everyone!!!!

Then, at night we got into our Biro, our portfolio I guess. I got Biro Disiplin together with other 10 members. And Yasmin got into Biro Pendaftaran. Our portfolio was "easy". Just to maintain the discipline of the students and the events that follow. Well, not easy, I'm saying but it was fun. After 4 days of the training, after some practices, advises, brainwash, bash, brainstorm, and everything else, we were ready for MDS. We got one day leave on the next day, where I went out to get some fresh air and to accept the fact that I'm now one of the PM, something that I admired the most before.

The next day, the first day of MDS, where a lot of cars, auxiliary polices, parents, siblings and students themselves. Early in the morning, we took some pictures as our first day of MDS. I still feel very proud of myself that I can be one. I was instructed to take place at F4 where at first, there was no one that come towards that place. Not instructed, I chose it a night before. Hahahahaha. When F2 was filled with students, they opened F3 and the parking lot at the Food Court which is just a few steps from my location. And then, all those theories during training were into practicals. Questions and more to come. And is always something that quite difficult to me but never mind. Just for that day. We need to be there from 8 in the morning until 3 in the evening. Eating? We practised Rotation system. After that, the students gathered at the dining hall and the parents bid their goodbye to them. I remembered that day when I'm in their place. Leaving the beloved family, what a sad day. I went up each floor to check the students and make them move faster. Please remember my portfolio. Then, they walked to PI (Pusat Islam), prayed and then to DP (Dewan Perdana) and so on for 5 days onwards. I'm not going to tell the schedule because I'm not the student.

The things that I really want to highlight are PMDS is a family. A family that is formed by a strong bond in just 2 weeks. A family that you can't make it same with others. The reality is I feel touched on our last night, our last post-mortem. I was bashed, (perhaps I can find another word for it) on the night before for my mistake, I really admit, that is my mistake, I'm new okay? But I was bashed by someone who is not in PM, by someone who don't even in the situation, by someone who don't even in my shoes. But the next day, I felt defended by the seniors. Seriously, anyone in my shoes will feel so down the next day after you was bashed the night before but seriously I thanks a lot to my Biro's members. They did comfort me, they pat my shoulder, saying that it is fine. And from that, I learned a lot of things, from every corner I see. From my Biro's members, from my friend, from other Biro, from seniors, from leaders, from everyone and from myself.

Another thing that I learnt, not everyone can keep their words, eventhough that words is for their friend and that words was said a few days before. And I tell you, you really disappointed me. You made me rethink whether I made a good decision or a mistake again. And perhaps, I will find another way to survive myself in the same situation. I'm just someone without anything. A normal person who try to change herself and others towards something good. But what you did really drag me towards the ground. And thank you for that, I won't do the same to you because you know, I'm just no one.

And to all PM, thank you for accepting me, a no one, into your family. Thank you.

p/s: I have a massive number of pictures, I'll include stage by stage, perhaps. And again, sorry for my bad grammar. I don't want to recheck because I'm tired of words. Teehee...

On our way to Kampung Budaya for jungle tracking.


A lake where we went for kayak yesterday.

The real hiking...

New friends were made!!!

When you receive this, you will be proud of yourself. 

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