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New Year again...
Friday, January 10, 2014
Well, it is 1.15 am and I'm still awake to call it a day. Today, I feel like need to update my blog and now I feel sleepy. Then, back to the main point. New year, yes, 2014... for living about 20 years, I've been celebrating 20 new years and this year, seriously, there is no different compared to the passed new year. I spent my new year holiday at home with my dad, mom, sister and Kembang, Bear, Belang...what a long list of my cats, cuddling in bed in front of the television, watching some kind of show, that already played last year and a cup of Earl Gray.

When it comes to a new year, of course people will start talking about new year's resolutionsssssss. Yeah, well, I do think about it once but then I know, I rarely accomplish them or it just the same thing every year. Since I started my study 4 weeks before the new year, then I have set up my resolution, perhaps earlier than anyone. Well, like I said before, it is the same thing for every year or semester or whatever. The thing is I need to be successful in my study and my life but this year, I really think deeply of my resolution when one of my lecturer asks us about our resolution in the class. I want to make a different, I want something that I can do and can make me feel better. Yeah, what the hell am I going to do? At last, after thinking for seconds, I think I need to correct my behaviour. So, my 2014's resolution is I want to be a good, better friend to my friends. See, who ever think like this for his/her new year's resolution? Because they think they are good enough to others, is it? Well, not me after thinking about how bad I was to my friends and foes.

But then, right after the new year holiday, I'm back to university and guess what are my new year present? Yes, tons of assignments...Well I guess that will keep me busy for the 3 months onward. For now, I wish I can go out with Intan, have my cats and kittens on my bed and have a lunch and dinner with my parents and buy a pair of Converse for my sister...into the to-do lists.

So, anyone, set up your resolutions and make sure it is something that reasonable...on top of it, make sure there is "stop lying" in the list okay? That's all for now, please pray for me and my family and may Allah bless you always and forever.

p/s: sorry for my bad Grammar.

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