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Friday, January 31, 2014
While washing the clothes this morning, this thing snapped into my head. What if I die before my graduation?

If that happen, here is my wishes, I'm not joking, hahahahha.

If I'm not there to receive the scroll, I wish UiTM will let my dad take it on my behalf. Let him take it from the VC. Let him wear the graduation gown and shake hand with the VC and takes pictures with my mom. This is serious.

If I am to die before graduation, I wish my friends wouldn't cry. Seriously don't cry. I hate those thing, touching event whatever. Just don't say a thing. Treat like nothing happen because eventually you all will forget me, the memory will remains until you are ready to let it go. So, same thing goes to me. Let me rest in peace.

To my friends, whether for good or bad times. Thank you for being there with me. Whatever good or bad thing you all do, I appreciate them in my mind. One thing I don't really want people to know is I'm an antisocial, an introvert with 42% sociopathic which is 45% higher than my peers, that's the actual fact so see, I changed a lot. Always tolerating with me, who have a high level of egocentric and big-headed. Well, with my sarcastic too. Just bear in mind that sadness won't keep you alive. Whatever happen, you should be yourself. Don't be afraid and tell the world that you're my friends who are brave and courageous to make decisions for best in their life. Just forget it.

To my beloved one, we are not destined to be together. So, there might not be another person like me but perhaps there are someone who are better than me. Be better and the better will come to you. Awww too sweet isn't it? I don't even have a lover.

To my cats and kitten, thank you for praying for my life. After this, there will be no more special treatment from me, no more extra size of your food. Just keep praying that my family will provide your food and shelter. I ensured you, they will.

To my family, please don't burn my books and comics. Give them to the library in the name of me because I'm the one who bought them. Just joking. Well, thank you for being my family. Give me food and shelter. Raised me to be a good daughter. Never ask anything in return except a good result in the examination. I know I failed you, many times but still, you don't even ask me to apologise.

To my enemy, thank you for being my enemy. That's all.

p/s: sorry for grammar errors. I think I have wrote something like this in the past...but I forgot where I put them.

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