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Friday, March 21, 2014
Now, I'm reaching the final of my 3rd semester Sorry for hibernating for a long time after the last post. Now, everything is almost done and all tasks are finished.
So, I take this very moment to say that I just need to prepare for my final exams and project leader wannabe for the dinner next semester, I need to finish the proposal before press conference, "bajet".
That is the good news.

The bad news is Benedict Cumberbatch is coming to Malaysia this 26 and I have exams on 24 and 29. Well, you can google that, it's all over the news. He's going to host a sport award, Laureus or whatever it is, but the main point is, we are just a few miles apart!!! That event is kind of prestigious and I don't think common people like me can really attend the occasion unless I have a million in my pocket. Sadistic life I have to say.
I want to meet him badly!!!

p/s: May you all have a great evening and forgive my bad English.

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