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p/s: No matter how gifted you are, not everyone is gonna like you.
It's Over...For Now.
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
A little late because I finished my last exam paper on 6th April.
I spent a few days here, in this very room, to finish what I need to finish.
And the room, it is empty and lonely, just like my heart.

Enough with that. Let's summarize what happened in this semester.
Well, I did learn a lot of things. A lot. HTML, Director, making proposals, reports, 3D model, poster and a lot more to mention. I enjoyed this semester eventhough it's quite tiresome and people are being so selfish but they are human and I acknowledged it. Friends, they are there when I want to share some good things. Well, at least they listened to me.

Bad things are I rarely walk because I rode a motorcycle and I get fatter and fatter and fatter. I don't really concentrate on getting higher marks in all subjects because I focused too much on my assignments but the final examinations are quite...good, I guess. Regrets I had a few, but then too few to mention. So, there were time when I'm down but most of the time, I'm up.

I wish I can get another Dean's List for this semester eventhough I know, I'm not qualified to get them as I don't really put an effort into my hard work. Just let me have that Dean's List or Mom will kill me.

The next big project is the faculty's dinner, where I have a great team with me and I hope that I can handle it wisely and nicely. Perfect is not in the list but why not? I'll try to make it as much as perfect.

I love red and you're making me fall for you. Just stop it.

p/s: Good night and have a good holiday. Sorry for grammar mistakes and I love you.

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