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3rd Semester Exam Result is Out!
Saturday, May 10, 2014
On 9 May 2014, my exam result was "published" and I waited and waited and waited until I fell asleep and woke up at 4 to check it. Well, they don't sent them into my personal e-mail so I checked my uni's e-mail. It was there.

Well, it was another result and Dean List. (I'm so proud of myself!!!)
Despite of what happened during the 3rd semester, it seemed that I can do it.
I'm not showing off, seriously, but for anyone that come across this to feel motivated. I believe that everyone can do it, if you combine the hard and smart into your work.
Never give up and target a higher result. Always keep the faith that Allah will help you by sending good people in your life to help you achieve the target. Never lose hope and never keep you head down despite of all the problems you faced.

First of all, thank you to Allah, the Almighty, for giving me chances to be successful despite of my bad behaviours throughout the semester. I know that You will always be with me and never leave me alone whenever I'm down.

Secondly, thank you to my lecturers, for marking my papers in a good manner and for teaching me for the whole semester without any bad thinking of me.

Next, to my mom and dad. Thank you for remembering me all the time, the advises and food. And for money too. This is for you, from your daughter. And thank you for the bag too. To my sister, work hard for your SPM, you have a big hole to fill in.

Last but not least, to all my friends! To my group members of the assignments, thank you for working with me in a group and accept my big-headed, almost-perfect, stubborn, short-tempered behaviour. To my room-mates, sorry for all the mess I made at my place, it's kind of uncomfortable to you, I know, but you know who I am. Sorry for staying up too late too, I know you're uncomfortable with my laptop's light. To my classmates, you did a lot of troubles this semester. It's quite difficult for a moron like me to strive throughout the semester with all those bad behaves. But, thank you for being my classmates and you're good friends too, actually. If only you can...behave a little more.

To my almost-close friends (I don't want to get too attached by saying close), Yasmin, Dayah, Syifaa, Fuad, Aiman, Kira, thank you for being my almost-close friends for the semester. Thank you for everything. Without all of you, I won't happen to have this Dean List. I pray that you too will get Dean List for the next semester, (except Fuad). Thank you for lending your ears and opinions and laughter and music and movies and food and money and whatever...I hope next semester, you will stay in my almost-close friends list. Help me with dinner event, okay? And group assignments too.

To Anis, Ummul and Afnee, I know you're very busy, so I wish you will have a good result too. May you have a good health and don't skip meals. I'll write to you again, if I'm free.

To the very last words, I wish I can have another Dean List again for the 4th semester.

p/s: sorry for grammar mistakes.

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