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Saturday, August 23, 2014
I want to write a blogpost a week before this but I don't really have the mood. So today, I force my mood to write a blogpost before it went in fire. I'm home, after 3 weeks at the college. It feels so long eventhough I'm home for Eid. Maybe I was too busy. A lot of things happen after the last blogpost so, I think I will briefly write about them here if I still some memory of them.

First of all, I joined a trip to Rumah Anak Yatim Che Bema, located at Sungai Petani. It was a boy-only orphans home with 29 people living there. A few other students from different semester also joined the program but most of them were my classmates, thanks God. Since I don't really have a chemistry with children, I always stayed about 1.5 meters from them. I really want to ask some questions about their life but I thought it would hurt their feelings so I kept my mouth shut. We played some games and I found it quite good to be with some young people. I would like to congratulate my fellow friends whose the one that organized the program, the president, vice-president, the exco, they are really good and professional eventhough it was the first event they handled after being in the club. It was a good experience of me with the children, hmmm maybe. 

The next event was INFORMA Day. It was organized by my faculty's club, INFORMA to replace the existing Sport's Day because semester 3's students will organize Open House later. The vice-president of INFORMA was the project leader and my classmate, again. It is kind of different from the previous event as it didn't involve night session, it was a hot-day-day event and the games were...nice. We joined in this thing called Fun Run, something like jogathon. It was tired but good for me as I don't really walk in the campus as I ride a motorcycle to my class and it made me feel...lighter. As per game,  I participated in team ping-pong which I have no idea what it was until I had a one-hour-tutorial with Mr. President, the expert and I wished I can continue to have the tutorial classes with him because knowing ping-pong was very nice. What a sentence! The sure thing was I don't win the game. Well, you can't expect a beginner to be a winner for the first time knowing what ping-pong was. Eventhough the attendance didn't really went well and someone raised the issue into the media social, but my classmates did really well that day in fact that we are the seniors! 

For the past few weeks, me and my team were very busy preparing for my faculty's dinner. It is a very big project of the semester and me as the project leader. I try to make it a lot more different from the previous event and look more...grand and exclusive. Sounds so...confident but I still have some issue with fright. But I have a team of good people and not-so-good people but I believe we can make it until the end. So, good luck to me and to my team-mates!

And to Gaza, may Allah ease everything for you. So, please boycott Israel's products. Stop paying for the war, people. Imagine your mom. dad, son and daughter were killed, what will you do? Sit and see? No, you will pray. So, people, pray. That's the only thing you can do to help them. They don't ask you to stand and shoot. They just ask us to pray.

Actually today was Malaysia's Mourning Day as the first 20 victims of MH17 that was shot down in Ukraine were brought home. I have some kind of an obligation to post this as I am the people of Malaysia. It was very sad and I hold my tears like hell when they were praying for the victims. What a gloomy day and I wish justice will work in this case. They was shot down like that when Eid was around the corner. Some of them want to meet the family that they haven't met for years but then, they met without having a proper greeting today. That little child, hold by his mother, knew a little thing about his dad, sit there without knowing that his dad will never come home again. Those friends that were crying. How are the culprits going to pay for their lives? I really thankful to Allah, the Almighty for giving us a chance to meet the remains for the last time. The government really did a good job for bringing the victims home in a very short time. Thank you. 
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.

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