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As I Come Across It.
Thursday, October 9, 2014
I was checking my followers' list as some of them are my friends. I opened Intan's profile and saw whose blog she is following. Then, I saw a familiar name, a name that haven't talk to me about 2 years since...I put aside my fear and frustration and madness and every negative thinking I ever had and I opened back my old memories archive. I read that blog, yes, your blog, yes, blogwalking. 

When you sent a friend request on Line app few months ago and that shocked me very much that I screamed at my friend's face. I don't know it was a happy scream or just hollow heart sadness. I kept thinking about that but well, work took over those feeling.

But today, it bothered me again as I accidently(maybe I just want to) opened your blog. I scrolled down and saw a post titled "Its good to find out you're okay ;)". I don't know to who did you address to but something in my head and heart said that it was me. If not, then just stop reading the rest of this entry. I'm sorry to post the content of the entry here but if it was meant for me, I have something so say in return.

To the person who I never talked for a long long time,

time pass by.
the pass had been forgotten slowly.

Good and bad memory yet stay forever,
people forgive in the end. but never forget.

Just take care and all the best in all things that you do.

who concern about my negative memory.

Why I felt that that was me? Because you mentioned "to the person who I never talked for a long long time," with a double "long". And the rest of the content, of course.

What can I say if it was meant for me is I am sorry for what I've done. I know you probably don't want to bother about this matter anymore but I need to make it clear again for the last time. I was so young and alone and dumb at that time of our friendship. I didn't really think about people and I was so ego and I was thinking  about enjoying myself much more than loving my friends. The truth is I'm very thankful that you was my friend and I sometimes feel regret that I have to end it that way. Thank you for showing me what I was and what I need to mend. I now learnt about those things that I don't have back then.

For any mistakes that you did to me, I forgave them a long time ago. I also wish that you forgive me and if I or you have any courage or heart, we might start again, perhaps with a short conversation or anything, I don't know. But I won't hope for that.

I too, wish that you have a very good life which I'm sure you have them right now. I wish you have a very good health and success in everything you do. And please, send my regards to your parents, especially your dad. Tell him that I'm very grateful to meet him and may he have a good health too.

p/s: I gathered all my courage to write this so, I hope you don't laugh over this childish statement.

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