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The end of semester 4...unexpected journey.
Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Actually, my semester breaks started a few weeks ago and today, I have some energy to write a short report on this semester. Basically, everything was fine except for a few unexpected things. I learnt a lot of things, mostly not in the classroom for sure. I learnt about online resource center, organization of information, records center, IT in information agency, electronic publishing and technical support service and maintenance for information agencies.

Online resource center is all about digital library and materials and resources and…digital world while organization of information teaches me about library system in a deeper…deeper knowledge that I barely know what it is, for example TEI Header, ISBD and so on. 

Below is the screen-caps of my Digital Resource Center group assignment, Youth Digital Resource Center. The challenge we faced is the design and placement in the plan and the report, of course as we need to cover people.

the auditorium 

the cafe 

the carrels 

the C.L.S 

the computer lab 

leisure room 

front desk 

music room 

OPAC system 

Records center required my group to create a good records center with good system, good infrastructure and good in everything matter to keep your records save and undestroyed with any entities that apply to it. The good part of it is my lecturer doesn’t ask for a mock-up or model of it but it he does, well I will do it! 

Exceler Reccords Agency, our commercial records center. I don't know where I put the floor plan. 

What I learnt in IT in information agency was IT. Hahahha okay. I learnt about library management system that combines the fundamental department into one. For example of it are ILMU and KOHA. While completing the group assignment for it, my group was brainwashed by the USM Library infrastructure staff about KOHA. We have become expert on KOHA after that. 

Next is what made my heart shattered and having a mental breakdown. Electronic publishing required me to create a company logo in A3 size and a card. So I chose to make a wedding invitation card with my roommate name on it. 

Simple and ... minimalist. 

For group assignment, we are required to create a magazine on any topic. Not just any magazine, it is an ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE!!! We did on coffee and the title is Coffea Mag. because there is a café in the town named Blackwood, and I love the coffee there. Well, you can sigh and say “Nah, it is so easy aye girl” and go **** yourself. The thing is we used new software that I’m not familiar with and, I guess you know that, when we do publishing, there must be a sort of discussion and I don’t really have that before we start the production. 

Just a simple cover page, if you want to read a full copy, e-mail me. 

I wrongly chose my group members (because of a truce made last semester) and it ended just nice but not up to satisfaction. This is because this task was given to us during our study week, and presentation was a day after our first final exam paper. You can measure the stress build up on me as people start to go back to their hometown during the study week and expect the task to be done after they return to the college. I agree on the fact that I am lazy, that I start doing work immediately after a few days upon receiving the task. I start with the idea and then, the development phase slowly but when you chose you mates wrong, it all went to hell as they don’t understand how you work and how you think and how…well, it is about how’s on everything about you!

Luckily to me, I am a savvy. I shortened my holiday and went out to finish things just nicely on time before anyone else with other teams that I would say, having quite a similar problem as me and they gave opinions and time too. So after that, when I voiced out my disappointment publicly, the people will start taking hearts in, saying they are doing their best. Funny little duckling you are, my dears. Seriously your best is not the best I can have. My best is beyond your imagination. That’s why you can never ask me how I did it. That’s not about how, it’s about what. That is the final proof that we’re different and I made a terrible mistake for this assignment and no more chances to you. If you get good grade, consider that as a funeral gift from me. I will never doubt my best mates for group again. They never say they gave their best and that is what I count as the best they can give me in completing the task.

Enough with those heartbroken story, the last subject is about computers and maintenance. This lecturer is a first time pregnant so I consider her as quite strict but sometimes she is funny. To me, yes, but not to most of my classmates. There was a time when she argued about attires with Mr. Perfect of my class and it almost ended up in disaster. Thanks to Allah, I’m not there. I was conducting a research in Penang. Thanks to Allah too, I’m good with technical and maintenance of the computer and this subject is not that hard to survive. The tough time was when I need to answer the final test while finishing a floor plan for a records center. Fortunately, the substitute lecturer is nice! And my group members are the same as above people except for Dayah. We need to format a computer and create a tutorial video and manual of the formatting, which I did again, featuring them and an IT company that need to create a list of specifications and recommended computer with the peripheral devices and software for a graphic designer. My choice? Apple.

Actually, this semester gave me a lot of headache. We are ought to organize a faculty’s dinner where we invited a guest, Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi without using the right channel. Well, we’re novice and I’m the project manager. I neglected my study just to make sure everything is perfect eventhough it was not so perfect. Well, nothing’s perfect. This event was really taking toll on everyone especially the higher committee. The challenges that we faced really taught us about life and people. None was taught in the class or in the book. I felt that my performance in the study has decreased and after the event is done, I felt like emerging to the ocean surface after being pulled to the bottom, breathing again but then, when the air rushed into my lung, I’m choked. What a life I had. As I’m revising for the final exam, I don’t really hope for another Dean’s List but I wish I can get them for not the study I’ve done but for the total time, energy, sweats and tears I’ve spent. 

As my roommates, I don’t really talk to Fatin anymore. I don’t know how to say it but every time I looked at her face, I felt hatred in me and I should just shut my mouth tight. I know she hated me too and that’s why, we don’t talk anymore. Seriously dear, not every mistake come from others, sometimes it is from yourself and a sorry can mend everything eventhough it might not be like before. I lowered my ego but you? Seriously, don’t try me if you can’t handle the consequences and I’m glad that we don’t talk anymore as I need to choose friends wisely. You’re not in the list.

Dayah and Kira, they made jokes almost every day and I just can’t stop laughing. There were times when they were annoying but mostly, they’re hilarious. They really love the idea of me getting into a serious relationship with my classmate and I found it so funny on how they imagined my life would be. Sorry dear, I’m attached to work and emotions/feeling is not in the record.

As for the trip, we went to Penang and got a penalty for entering the campus after the curfew. No more comment on this.

To everyone that helped me throughout the semester, thank you. Especially Yasmin, who just become 18 on 10th of October, Fuad, Haris a.k.a Abg Long, Dayah and so on (too many to list down). Thank you for spending your time, your money and your anything with/for me. If I owned you something, please tell me next semester. 

And to my lecturers, thank you for teaching me this semester and I wish that you can give me good grades. 

As for now, I’m a tuition teacher, teaching elementary students for English and tutoring their homework!

p/s: I’m the vice project leader for next sem’s visit with the classmates to Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know why people won’t let me hold a lower position in anything. Sorry for grammar mistakes as I’m very lazy to double-check them.

Images and resources credited to specific people and organizations. Do not copy for any purpose unless ask for my permission first. God see what you do.

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