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The Fourth Semester's Out!
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
I received them today at 1 a.m. and few minutes in the morning. Actually I don't have a good feeling about this semester's result as I think they are a disaster semester for me. But the reality is, they are quite good. I get to hold another Dean's List. I know what you're thinking, dear.

I'm really sorry if this thing offended anyone that read it but I think I have a few reasons to publish this post. Seriously, I'm not showing off or being proud or whatever. It's just that I feel that I have a few things to mention and a few people to thank to.

First of all, to Allah, the Almighty. He really see me in His eyes. He really listen to my prayers and granted my wish of getting another Dean's List. He really help me a lot throughout this semester. Without Him, I won't get this, I won't even survive this semester. Thank you, Allah, for your love towards me. I will improve my ways of loving you.

Second, to my parents. They are the help that Allah sent to me when I'm choked to death with troubles. Without them, without their support, I think I can't even make a decision for anything. Thank you for always reminding me not to stray away from my study, from my life, guiding me of what is right and wrong. Thank you for listening to me too and money support. I guess their money got me this result.

Third, to my friends and classmates especially to Fuad, Yasmin, Dayah (for food and money you lend to me) and Haris (for being a driver to us). Thank you for helping me a lot with my tasks and dinner things. Maybe because of your help that gets me where I am now, wow. Sometimes I think I will die if we're to separate. Enough with the four of you. To other friends, you guys done a lot too. For helping me with the dinner, the assignments and other things that I don't mention here. Thank you, dears.

Fourth, to my lecturers. Seriously thank you for giving me such a beyond-imagination grades. I thought I've messed the subjects but you guys are being generous in marking my papers. Thank you sir and madams.

Fifth, thank you to myself for working hard and smart eventhough there were a lot of hurdles and troubles I faced last semester. I will work harder for next semester, which will be my last semester before graduating as a semi-professional officer.

p/s: I'm wishing all my friends to feel grateful to their exam's results either they're good or bad and learn from it. Sometimes I think Allah is testing me with all these Dean's Lists results, Idk.

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