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Majlis Anugerah Kemerlangan Akademik & Makan Malam Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat session June-Oct 2014
Friday, December 26, 2014
What a long title!

What a long journey to accomplish it.

What a load of energy to complete it.

What a lot of laugh and tear to be shed of.

What a tone of fear to mind of.

What a big responsibility to hold.

As I mentioned in the previous, previous post that I'm a project manager of our faculty's dinner and it was held on 4 September 2014.

I knew it will takes toll on everyone I appointed to be the committee and on everything that I have. Well, I took the responsibility on everything as I selected myself to be a leader. It takes a tone of courage for me to lead everyone to make the event to be success. Eventhough the event is not as successful as we imagined but I feel very good about what we've done. The outcome is not very amusing, you know. People keen to find the mistakes and yes, they found it. Anyway, I really enjoyed that night and now, I can rest in peace.

Actually we decided to do it at the open area but then rain was falling like it was crying. So, we moved the venue to the area under the roof. Well, rain, a nightmare.
She is my lady court.

The MCs of the floor.

Gifts and Presents Division

Man in blue is our event lecturer a.k.a advisor, Sir Wan. Woman in brown is his assistant, Miss Nisa. Man in white is the head of Performance Division, Amirul Asyraf.

Semester 3's performers.
This girl got me Datuk Aznil Hj. Nawawi as our guest. She is Fatin a.k.a Ed from Corporate and Protocol Division.

Haris a.k.a Abang Long is the president of our faculty's club, INFORMA. The one wearing cap is...I forgot his name but he is my junior.

The girl is my secretary. That man is Aiman. Don't ask, I don't know.

The vice project leader, my right person.

The head of Food Division, Nazrin and he is not a chinese. A natural Malay.

These two are the Semester 1 students who are in-charged with performance but their part need to be cut out from the tentative as we are run out of time that night. Sorry!

Semester 1 students except the man with rose. He is in semester 3 now.

This is me when people take care of my picture. What?!

The advisor are my lecturers. 
Excuse my butt.

The real venue.

We hired a wedding planner, Arell Idris if I'm not mistaken to set up our stage which is super marvellous.

The back-up venue that we used that night.

Men are all ready but I'm still at the salon.

I called it Pre-Event Party.

Before we shifted the venue.

MC on the floor.

Technical Division are are ready to take the ground.

Our official photographer.

After we shifted the venue.

Because of the bump, I need to jump over the table.

The guests arrived, you know who.

The lecturers.

Ready to take the stage.

There are a lot more pictures but the Internet connection is too slow and I am lazy to remember back all those things.

p/s: I'm tired.

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