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This is the last semester...perhaps.
Wednesday, December 10, 2014
This is the second week since this semester started. In this 2 weeks, I barely have a class because most of the classes are occupied with the degree students. They still have a couple of weeks to go until their final exams. Those couple of weeks are really not my favourite. They waste my time as I'm trapped in this room without doing a thing except for naps, watching movies, listening to musics, eat and laugh like a crazy woman over a stupid little flaw. It also makes me spend out time outside of my campus, wasting time and money at the mall, eating and wasting fats walking around.

Enough with that, I'm taking the final 6 subjects this semester plus MUET for graduation. We are required to establish a business this semester, which I have them structured in my head for about 3 semester before. We're doing some sort of beverages and dessert, which I like and love with all my heart. My group members are carefully selected this time so I hope it will not end in disaster. 

We will have a class trip too! We chose Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. Of course we will go to the National Archive of Malaysia (I really want to see the vault where they kept all this old manuscripts!!!) and the PIPAS Library. If we have a better opportunity, we might get a chance to shopping (not really my area maybe).

Perhaps that's for now to write because I don't really have anything to talk widely. So, see you later.

p/s: Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I don't have anything to talk about my semester break except my 4th semester result which I wrote about them in the previous entry.

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