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Monday, January 5, 2015
It is late, I know but still, we're in the first week of January 2015. Happy New Year, Salam Maulidur Rasul and happy birthdays to you, who had their birthdays this early of the year especially my friend, Fuad, Afnee and my mom! 2014 has leave me with a lot of up and down, sweet and sour things that I might forget half of them if they're not important (I need to keep my brain drive updated). There are a lot of people back in that year, that I think I really need to know them more and I'm done with some of them. I always accept the fact that people come and go whenever they're meant to but when they stay is the moment to remember. They did things that make me think for now and for tomorrow. People are not same, every one and each is different and I tried my best to understand them. I tried. So, thank you 2014, with all the memories and experiences you gave me, may I leant from the past. Thank you to everyone that has came across my life in 2014 and did something extraordinary to me and I'm sorry if I did extraordinary things to you, too.

When we speak of new year, we all have a long list of resolutions, isn't it? Well, I have too but it is not as long as Santa's naughty list. I don't really stuck to a new year resolution as I usually have a shorter period resolution such as semester's resolution or weekly resolution. But still, it is a new year.

  1. Be a more grateful servant to Allah.
  2. Finish my assignments nice and groothly.
  3. Spend most of my time with my friends as this might be the last time we will be together before graduate.
  4. Get another Dean's List.
  5. Get the Vice Chancellor Award.
  6. Make sure my PTPTN loan for diploma is free.
  7. Can further my degree in Records Management at UiTM Shah Alam.
  8. Have my own room with a bed and bathroom.
  9. Master difficult recipes from mom.
  10. Continue teaching tuition class in my hometown.
  11. Get a car license at the end of the year.
So, let see how much can I achieve in a year. I won't dream high but I hope I can do them all. Now, have you set your resolution?

p/s: I am watching my baby kitten playing with itself while writing this entry. Too cute to handle. I'm supposed to complete my assignment which I'm drowned in words.

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