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Many happy returns...again.
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Hahaha yes. Today is my 21st birthday. Well, officially I am 21 years old, which mean, I'm an adult. Bitter sweet actually. I don't know whether I'm happy or not. At this age, I can't be a little child, isn't it? Nah, I guess I've grown up a long time ago.

Happy birthday and many happy returns to Rachel Saw and Queen Elizabeth II, who share the same date with me. I'm so proud that I shared a birth date with awesome and great people. Wish you will always be blessed with wealth, health and beauty and live in a very prosperous life too. 

Firstly, thank you Allah, the Almighty, who give me a chance to breath until this moment without any trouble. Thank you for letting me live on this earth, eating and drinking and for forgiving all my sins and giving me ways out of trouble. Thank you for letting me being born on this world and giving me a great life since then.

Next, to my parents, thank you for accepting me in your life. Thank you for raising me in a good condition and teach me to be a decent person. The most important is, for remembering that today is my birthday and bought sausages for me. *blink*

To my good girlfriend (whom I'm always thankful for having me as a friend), Dayah (I've upgraded you from friend to girlfriend to good girlfriend, hahahah. Okay sorry), thank you dude, for a double wish and hope that I will marry a doctor. I hope it will become true *giggles* To Anis, Ummul and Afnee, they plan to wish me as late as they can. I almost lost my hope and think that you guys forget my birthday. I will be so devastated if you forget it. Never mind, wait till I meet you guys.

To everyone that wish to me, sorry I can't name you prominently here but you should know that I appreciate you so much. Most important is thank you to people who should wish me but they don't. I know it and actually I really hope for people's wishes. Sounds so desperate but as I'm growing old, this is the only day that I can see people wishing me good things (and cake, if you can). Seriously I'm very sad and frustrate but nothing's personal. I'm a grown up now so I should act like an adult (sounds lousy, I know)

To my cats, thank you for behaving nicely to me today. You're so cute! To weather, thank you for not being too hot today. 

For this birthday, I wish everyone will have a great health like I do. I wish for a good result, another Dean List so that I can ANC for graduation as well as to the rest of my classmates. I wish that I can get a part-time job with Dayah and I can earn some money for my degree study. I wish I can get a license car so that I can drive my family anywhere they want to go. Last but not least, I changed my mind about marriage. I hope I can meet someone reliable, cool and accept me the way I am (this is important for a big-head, egoist like me) and get marry before I'm too old (before 30, to be exact).

p/s: I drove my dad's car for the first time. I'm getting my license but yeah, a little afraid of being in that tin container. Let's bake a cake!

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