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To sum up the last semester and the years...
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
The last paper was yesterday, 13/4/2015. That's the end for my diploma program (yes, not until I get my result). Too much things happen this semester. Let me write here so that, if I forget, I may remember. 

We handled a lot of big projects and assignments this semester. I'll just summarized what happened, tsk.

For subject IMD302- Foundation of Archives, we're required to make a class research visit to the National Archives of Malaysia (ANM). We see what? No, we observed, eheheheh. The records keeping, the preservation, everything has to do with records and archives, of course. 10% allocated and Alhamdulillah, everyone got it full mark.

As for our group assignment, we went to the archive of Bank Negara Malaysia. I admit my emotion was not stable at that time, ended up getting mad at everyone. I'm sorry. It is a private archive and it was my first time to actually visit an archive. It was so beautiful, neat and classy. I recommended to my juniors to go there. The staff are also professional and friendly. 30% allocated for report and presentation, so, we get them full.

As for course IMD307- Reference and Information Services for Information Agencies, we are required to make a research visit to compare the reference services available in the information agencies. We went to Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. It was so classic. It brings back those nostalgic feeling about those old time when Tunku was still alive.

Now, our IMD308- Extension Services for Information Agencies required us to got outside, doing outreach program and we went to my former school, SMK Sultanah Asma, Alor Setar. We had an exhibition on Information Science and Library Management, "Latihan Dalam Kumpulan (LDK)", games, a lot of games and dancing and prizes and happiness. My advice to all my juniors is that guys, you need to read a lot. You don't even know the most basic general knowledge, dudes. When you can't grasp the general, how can you learn to be a doctor, an engineer, an accountant, a minister? You might be but the ignorant one.

They're very sporting and participative.

The next big project is ENT300- Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, where we need to set up a company and products or services as a business.

Nah, Grooth Parlour.
We decided to set up a café that serves traditional cakes and beverages. We even serve cold hot chocolate! During the presentation, I spoke Malay...not so good but overall, we did get praised for systematic constructional of slides and information of our business. Thank you madam for giving us 9.9 out of 10 and 19 out 20 for report (I don't know why I stated the marks, lol whatever).

Last but not least, we won the first place for the Faculty of Information Management.

Wany bought this little chicken but she can't take of it so, I took the responsibility. He/She is growing happily and fat. Quite friendly and...too friendly.
Those experiences, memories, skills and knowledge, I will appreciate them for the rest of my life.

To really sum up everything, I would like to thank my group members (the permanent and changing members), Haris a.k.a Abang Long, Fuad, Yasmin, Dayah, Mira and Nazmie, for helping a lot and for doing your part for every assignment. I know I'm not that good either, but you guys are great and I hope those hard work will be paid off when you get a good result later. I'm so sorry for my grumpy behaviour and responses, and for my self-centered, ego and miss-know-it-all manner.  I really wish the end result pleased you guys and it may help you to maintain a good result.

Thank you for spending your time, money, energy, ideas, everything that you sacrifice, I really appreciate that with all my heart. Thank you for willing to work with me, listening to my nagging, stand my bad-tempered style of directing. I know I don't even allow you guys to talk about whatever things that displeased you but me. I'm very sorry for that.

I would like to thank my classmates too. Thank you for helping me getting the information, sharing and manipulating. Thanks too, for your understanding.

Next, to my lecturers, thank you so much for teaching me a lot. I've tried my best in my final exam and I hope you can grade my papers nicely. Please, I need the last piece of DL.

To my parents, thank you. Indirect support and resources, thank you. Pray that I can pass with flying color.

Last but not least, thanks to Allah, the Almighty, for giving me a chance to live this life, for giving me wonderful people, for keeping me healthy, for granting me wishes, forgiving my sins, for everything. Don't leave me, Allah, stay with me forever.

I applied to further my study in Bachelor of Science - Records Management and I wish that I can stay at Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam.

p/s: I feel like writing an essay for my final exam. Have a good day.

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