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My sister
Sunday, May 17, 2015

My sister got a place in Asasi Sains Pertanian at UPM Serdang, and she will register this 21. 

She's all grown up that I felt like yesterday we went to the primary school together. She also got a better choice in pursuing her study, better than me, I admit eventhough she is not quite a good learner like me but she had a lot of better choices than me and yet, she chose them well.

To tell the truth, I'm envy of her. Jealous, yes. Very jealous. Why? She got what she want. Am I not getting what I wanted? Yes, partially I admit. But, that's not really matter now. I understand what I need by growing up with the needs. I know you too feel the same.

The thing that matters now is that she can get through the Foundation program and become a doctor/ veterinarian like what she dreamt of. As for me, I am what I will be. I pray everything is gonna be fine and we're going to be fine.

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