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Tuesday, July 14, 2015
I saved this entry on the first day of Ramadan but there are only about 2 days remain to celebrate Eid. Sorry, kinda busy for this year's Ramadan.

Briefly, I celebrate my first Ramadan in Shah Alam as I'm working at that time and I don't have time, money and transport to come home. But then, I decided to stop working and came home to spend the rest of the month at home. To be honest, it will never be the same to spend the month whenever you are and whoever with you compared to home. It feel like an empty space in life.

The rest of the days, I'm just fasting like usual, like years before. The differences are my sister is not home before the last week of the month and I'm taking a full job in preparing the Iftar and Sahur meals (plus the household cleaning, everyday) since I don't work (sometimes it feels worse than working).

That's all. See you on Eid!

p/s: 3 new kittens for Raya! Welcome to world.

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