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A thought of TVXQ.
Saturday, August 22, 2015
I've been watching a lot videos of TVXQ when they're still 5. Since they split into 2 and 3, I don't really like the separation. Since I'm going to pursue my degree, I have about 3 month of holidays, so I decided to re-watch everything that I cherished when I was a crazy Cassiopeia once. I hope by doing that, I will find the old me, restarting back my happy life when they are standing together, singing for us. 

But, those are memories that won't come back. Those are the moments that I would give everything for them to be just like before, 5 of them. But thinking back, what will happen if they're back together now after being separated for like 5-6 years? I don't think thing will be smooth between them. It will be hard, for both them and the fans. 

I saw a lot of videos that TVXQ sang their old songs with the 2 of them. 'Hug' was such a happy song once but when I saw them sang, I cried. Those happiness had fly away. There are also videos that others artist covered their songs. Let me tell you sincerely, it might sounds harsh either way but they sounds kinda worst. 

Nothing can compare with the original. I felt kinda hate and mad when I saw someone else sing their songs and tried to sound like them. When TVXQ sang the cover for other songs, seriously they sounded better. It's been like 5 years since they split, I never once forgot their songs, the lyrics, the dances. I know there are some Cassies are with me in this case. I will never forget them. I wish before I die, I would like to meet 5 of them (eventhough I've met JYJ before but I would like to see them again).

TVXQ5 gave me something precious. They gave me hope and friendship. I found my friends through them. I was a loner at school, not so good with communication and rapport. But then, they came and introduced me to people through their songs and performances. Those friends are still with me till this day. That's why they're so precious to me compared to other things less. I admit that it was so hard to accept that they separated. I cried almost everyday. But then, I know what they did is for the best. 

Being a fan for about 8 years, I live with that precious moments, that almost none of the other k-pop group can be compared to. I like them but to be loyal is something that is not in mind. I love TVXQ and JYJ. A love from a believer and a Cassiopeia. 

p/s: I'm really emotional when I write this. I kept listening to 'Towa Ni' by The Gospeller ft. Tohoshinki. They're great, seriously I still can sing it after years of not listening to them.

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