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Sunday, September 20, 2015
I got placed at UiTM Puncak Perdana for a Bachelor Degree in Records Management. That's a general story. I was informed that there will be no "induction-orientation" kind of program because I will be in Semester 3 class, somewhat like an adult. Maybe a one-day program to introduce the faculty, maybe. But seriously, I was wrong. And I hate it very much.

That program was called MaGIM 4.0. They said it was intended for us, semester 3 students with the participation of pre-school, sorry, semester 1 students, who are mostly freshly graduated from middle school. I don't hate them as I was once in those situation too. The only thing that I can't really accept is the content of the program. There was a lot of fun and entertainment compared to finishing important things that new students should do. I felt like I'm not treated like a degree student, like an adult.

I felt really sorry to semester 1's students as they found some kind of difficulties in understanding the situation, mostly in registering their courses. Even me found it troublesome but then the exco of the program kept asking us to cheer up, dancing and I don't know, playing games for our own future sake which I don't know if it is for us or for them to cheer up themselves.

I'm not condemning them but I'm being a critic. Why? Because I am a Degree student in Semester 3 full-stop. And you are not treating me like one. Come on, I've had enough playing time while I'm doing my Diploma. I don't really have some kind of mood to be children again when I have more important things to do. You're putting us as the same level as pre-uni's students? What are you guys thinking? Are we a joke? Are you treating us like we are so noob and crazy?

Until now, I still having trouble to choose my elective courses and during those week of the program, the classes have already started. The lecturers are asking us to replace those classes that we don't even know that we missed. God, how are we going to replace those classes while each of us are having different elective courses?

I'm mad, angry and disappointed with this. I know people who organized the program worked really hard to make it successful but if you really make a post-mortem for the result, you will find out what you lacked the most. Let me say one, the appropriateness of the content of the program accordingly to the target audience. Maybe I'll add one more, a more systematic system of information. Why? Because on the first day I arrived, I received a dynamic source of information. The variation of information that made me confused and mad and missed the right thing to do such as academic registration. One more, smile a little. Your faces are like someone who accidently drink a thousand galleon of lemon juice mixed with cayenne powder.

Don't say that I just made this judgement based on what I see and what I felt. I was once in your place. I've had that experience of being the facilitator for the orientation program for freshmen. Eventhough it was short but at least, I know the basic. You treated us not by our background but by your assumption that you live here longer than us and you're somehow like a "senior" to us. Maybe by the period of time you stayed here, but not by the experience in the faculty itself. When I found out most of you are from a lower semester than me, seriously, I disrespect you for disrespect me.

If you feel like I'm downgrading you or something, that's you who made me think this way. To be frank, I found nothing helpful from the program. I'm sorry but that is somehow is burdening us. I really don't feel like playing around. I'm serious in my study. It is not a mere joke to be a Degree student. Just like everyone else, I have a responsibility. If you feel what I feel, I think you know what to do to improve the program, isn't it? Make it worth people's time. Make it something good to have, good to experience, not something that is useless and wasting time without having any good except fun. 

It is good to be happy but everything has a limit. That limit is different to everyone. Not everyone can tolerate the amount of enjoyment that you want. Please be someone worth the title of Degree student. Top priority to education then, you have fun when you have success in hand. I had fun from the program but the things that I want to know, I don't get it. If you say, "why don't you raised you hand and asked?", seriously dudes, I don't even know what I don't know as it has nothing to know. Basically, I knew most of the things that you told us. So, there is nothing to ask, or I mean, no time to ask. Gosh, I despised this feeling so much but I can't avoid to write this entry. You really wasted my feeling and my thinking to describe my feeling.

Perhaps one good thing I found from the program is that I got to see Alienware in front of my eyes. I'm not a computer person but I'm not a noob either. It was so beautiful but I can't afford to have it on my own. That's it. I'm sorry if this hurt anyone who are reading but please, make this as a guidance or whatever you want to think of. I don't care.

p/s: The haze was worst on the first week I'm here in Puncak Perdana. I had a bad combination of fever, cough, flu, sore throat and I don't know what else infecting me. It was tough but here I am, writing this entry nicely.

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