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Saturday, February 13, 2016
I rolled a dice and ended up getting no. 2 so I got this over the ideas to write an entry. It's really a while for me to write in my blog so it may looks rusty a little.

  1. Beaches
  2. Shopping complexes
  3. Libraries
  4. Museums
  5. Bookshops
  1. Driving
  2. Riding a roller-coaster
  3. Getting a scholarship for my infamous course
  1. Myself
  2. People who work hard 
  1. Comics
  2. History books
  3. Note-books
  1. Animation movies
  2. Anime
  3. Magical-action movies
  1. Kimi to Boku no Banka - Sakai Yuu
  2. Hands of Love - Miley Cyrus
  3. From Up On Poppy Hill OST
  4. Whatever ended up in my playlist
  1. Getting Dean Lists
  2. Getting a boyfriend? Idk
  3. Getting a new hardisk
  4. Sustaining my scholarship
  5. Become a little pretty
  1. Graduate
  2. Get a good job
  3. Getting a car
  4. Getting a house
  5. Getting married

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