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The first result of my degree's semester 3 is out.
Sunday, February 21, 2016
When we are in degree level, my expectation of everything will be different is kinda true. That's because there are slightly changes to the system when I received my result. But never mind, I already received the result on 18 at 4.15 a.m. Here it is!

Alhamdulillah, I still have a chance for the taste of Dean's List. Still, there are a few thanks notes to be posted here.

First, I'm so grateful to Allah the Almighty. He is the reason for me to get this result. I know, I'm not a decent servant to Him but still He granted me my doa'. I have nothing to say as I'm so grateful to Him for letting me live a life that's full with happiness and joy and sweetness.

Secondly,to both my mom and dad and my sister, thank you for motivation, energy, money and concern for me. I know I don't really good in expressing the feeling of family (how do I say it) but thank you for your understanding. Thank you for letting me to grow up and live my life. Thank you for supporting me and my decisions, without them I might not be in where I am now.

Next, to my dear best friends, you're the best (you know who you are, Dayah, Fuad, Abg Long, Min). From my years in diploma, you guys always stay by my side (with my force) eventhough there are times when I went mad and chaos but still, you guys are someone that I can rely to. This degree's first experiences I created with you guys, I hope I won't forget them and don't you guys dare to forget them. I love you guys so much.

To my classmates, thank you for being good supporters. From the PR events until the archive's development plan, you guys are so supportive and rivalry. I mean it in a good way because without you guys, I won't even open my notes to study. Hehehe.

Fifth, to my lecturers. Seriously thank you for giving me such a beyond-imagination grades. I thought I've messed the subjects but you guys are being generous in marking my papers. Thank you sir and madams. It's just one subject that I don't really like the way it is handled. I think you know which one.

To everyone and everything that supported and helped me throughout this semester, thank you so much. I can't specifically mention you but you should know that I'm grateful that you existed and motivate me. Thank you.

Lastly, thank you to myself for working hard and smart eventhough there were a lot of hurdles and troubles I faced in this semester. I will work harder for next semester, which will be another tough semester in order to sustain my scholarship, hmmm.

p/s: I'm wishing all my friends to feel grateful to their exam's results either they're good or bad and learn from it. Sometimes I think Allah is testing me with this result, Idk, maybe He just love to watch me.

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