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"Happy Single Girl" Checklist
Saturday, May 14, 2016
I don't know why I come out with this list (maybe because my friends and housemates keep me talking into it). I guess I don't know what else to write here and getting older is not something cool. Entering 23 without officially engaging myself with somebody, in other words, having no one to plan everything about future is somehow depressing because honestly, I want to settle down by 25-26 at least. It is not because of trend of people getting married or what, it's just that I'm curious about my other half life. People will always said, "there are still time until you're 25", "wait for your fate to fly in" etc. etc. etc. Yeah, if I already have someone, then there is time. The issue is I can say, I have no one. Gosh, this thing somehow keeping me thinking everyday. But sometimes I can't help but to think, I've been living like alone for about 22 years, will another year becomes a difficulty? My mind said yes! No, revert, revert! Perhaps "Happy Single" list will help me to get over this not-so-serious-but-disturbing issue.


  1. Get a diploma 
  2. Get a scholarship 
  3. Get a degree 
  4. Go watch a movie alone 
  5. Go watch a movie with best friend 
  6. Go watch a movie with best friends 
  7. Get a full vehicles' license 
  8. Get to know the roads expertly 
  9. Travel the whole Malaysia 
  10. Get fit & toned! (the second most difficult task) 
  11. Try make-up at least once 
  12. Start up small business/online store
  13. Go on a date with someone who makes me laugh badly 
  14. Can cook deliciously 
  15. Know the basic electronic things like changing the bulb 
  16. Learn to sew 
  17. Babysit somebody's baby. 
  18. Fly to foreign country 
  19. Make a list of all my faults & weaknesses 
  20. Get my finance in order
  21. Have a Girls Night Out 
  22. Learn to swim. Go to special courses 
  23. Be a wingwoman and match my friend with another single friend 
  24. Try roller-coaster & ferris wheel 
  25. Buy myself an expensive thing and make sure it worth the bucks. 
  26. Donate blood (the most difficult task) 
  27. Try money investing 
  28. Buy expensive gift for mak & abah 
  29. Join any charity run 
  30. Try out archery & shooting experience 
  31. Go to Escape Room with friends 
  32. Finish reading Khatam Al-Quran once more 
  33. Have a friends vacation at least once 
  34. Do a camp fire by a beach 
  35. Produce a proper and convincing resume 
  36. Join any volunteer work at least once 
  37. Drive out of Kedah. Get Dad's approval of me being dependable in term of driving

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