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Convocation Story.
Monday, July 4, 2016
Disclaimer: I'm writing this entry, a true story that happened last year (T_T) so I wish it will be as real and complete as it should be.

On 22 November 2015 (or is it 21???), I was officially graduated with a diploma in Information Management (insert fireworks here) from Universiti Teknologi MARA together with my best friends. Of course there were a few that didn't manage to graduate but that's minor. 

I was already pursuing my degree when the event to occur so me and Dayah's family went back to Kedah by train together and reach the destination just nice in the morning. We went straight to UiTM to get the gown and rehearsal and of course, pre-graduation photography! I was so happy and crazy that day that I don't even mind posing weirdly with my friends (but not that weird).

I was the only person to receive the ANC award for the course and that's make me moved. It were great years there and great works and efforts too from everyone and at the end of the day, we finally get to be honoured with a diploma. Say no more.

I love this picture so much!!! (Because I looked good in it and everyone was so happy.)

This was the first convocation ever held in Dewan Perdana, UiTM Kedah since they got the autonomy not long before. The hall was so grand and everything was so great, the feeling too. We were the last course to receive for the morning session and luckily, it was so sunny and my face was not so dark-looked since sun helped out with the lighting. 

And I cried when the Pro Chancellor gave his speech. Suddenly, I felt so honored, so sad, so happy and so contented with the achievement. I reminisced every moment that happened in my life and the memories back in those era of diploma. Those pieces of memory came rushing into my head, like I was watching a film of myself. I felt relieved actually. I wish everyone will be proud of this small achievement especially my parents, who once lost the confidence in me. And his speech concluded everything. 

Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavy for the evening session and too bad for them that they can't take photos outside. Anis came by, gosh, I was so happy to see her. She gave me a shawl for a present and since then, I wore shawl. Hehehehe.

But then, I had to rush back to Shah Alam since I had classes in the next day. Before that, I met Intan and Aliaa and got another presents and rose. Yeap, I love roses. And them. And coffee. Dayah and I went for a movie the next day as a present to ourselves. I seriously would like to thank you everyone for the efforts, gifts, wishes and anything that you had give to me. I'm so thankful and happy that you are standing there with me when I'm enjoying the best moment in my life and when I'm happy. Thank you (*bow).

Sir Azam was there since he involved with the committee and we had a chance to meet him before the second session began. I hope he was proud of us.

I bought this for myself. As a reward, I love red roses.

Yeah, mom... and dad.

Someone's missing. Yeah, Fuad was not there. He was too busy of himself. Not much of a complete picture.

I looked fat, I know. Don't say anything.

It felt good that we can graduate together.

Thank you, Dayah's family for the flower. That was the biggest Ferrero Rocher I ever got.

Mom and dad were so happy and I'm happy too, seeing them happy. It's just that my sister was not there.

While waiting for our turn, this was what we did best. I love my "selendang" here before they changed it to a shorter version that nearly choked me.

A ritual that every graduated student did. Hats up!

And I wish I can get my degree naturally, without much obstacles and the most important is I will enjoy myself to the fullest with everyone that will stay with me.

p/s: Actually there are hundreds of pictures available but I stored them in Drive and too lazy to upload here. Sorry.

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