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Happy Birthday
Saturday, October 8, 2016
Last night, I have a bad mood. Don't ask, I'm a bipolar. Anyway, I dedicated this entry for my sister which birthday is today, 8 October.

The time surely fly fast. Eventhough I'm not sure how old are you (19 or 20), but that's not important, isn't it? I don't even remember my age though.

What I'm gonna say is nothing nice or flattering but I'm just gonna give out a few words since I'm not really gonna say these later.

Dear sister,

Happy birthday to you and many happy returns.
I could say that you're an adult now, yes teenager is count as adult too according to me. Since you will be having a lot of tough moments later in your life, just embrace them and at one time, you will grow tired of the same bad things that happened in your life. Trust me, it will not stop even until your dying moment. So, just enjoy your life and do whatever you want. In the same time, secure yourself, live proudly and love yourself.

We, human, put levels to our life but believe me, we are all the same. Everyone think alike. So, be yourself and at one time when you need to stop and rest, I'll try to make sure that I'll be able to help. As for now, it is a point of no return and just keep moving forward. Later, when you succeed, you will thank your old self for enduring those hardship before and that moment, all those regrets that you have, all will perish. Believe me, I've been through those moments and the opposite. Both ways teach us something at the end. So, peace!

Sincerely with love,

Your sister.

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